‘Have a f***ing word,’ says the narrator. Jason Manford retaliates against a Twitter user who abused Chris Packham.


JASON MANFORD unleashed this fury at a Twitter user over their critical comments on Chris Packham following the arson attack at his home.

Jason Manford, 40, rushed to the defence of his pal Chris Packham, 60, after he revealed he’s been the victim of a terrifying arson attack at his home, perhaps having been targeted by people who opposed his anti-hunting views. It comes after the wildlife presenter shared his concerns about what thugs will do next during in a Twitter video, where he gave a very honest account addressing his fears.

Have you f***ing word yourself!

Jason Manford

He captioned the post in view of his 491,000 followers: “Harassment, relentless abuse, intimidation and now arson.

“And what next? I will not be cowed, I will not buckle, but can I ask for your help?

“If you are an @nationaltrust member please sign to end hunting here and now.”

As Chris addressed the harassment he’s been receiving lately and how masked men left a burning Range Rover outside his house on Friday morning, many were quick to back the presenter and send him their support.

Among them was comedian Jason, who replied: “A great man, full of heart. We are all behind you.”

However, there were others that disagreed and weren’t afraid to share their thoughts by responding to his touching message.

A user, who goes by the username ReturnsWestby, retorted: “I’m not. Nasty leftie.

“But nobody deserves the crap he’s been getting. Words should be enough for anybody!”

A great man, full of heart. We are all behind you @Chrisgpackham https://t.co/XFVoDcewn0

Having read the comment, the funny man couldn’t contain his irritation and fired back at the user, branding them a “b***end”.

“Oh yeah, that’s what everyone thinks ‘that Nasty Chris Packham, always going on about saving animals and those with no voice, what a right b***ard!” he replied sarcastically.

“And as for Attenborough, well he’s a nasty f**ker too!’

“Honestly? Have you f***ing word yourself! Here’s a word you can use. B***end.”

Fans rushed to the comments section to applaud his response, with one saying: “You have a way with words. That was almost poetic.”

Another added: “How can someone that cares so much for the planet and wildlife be subject to such abuse.”

Despite putting on a brave face and vowing to continue campaigning, the relentless taunting has left Chris concerned. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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