Hat Leiden mit Lazy Storytelling “The Big Bang Theory”?


“The Big Bang Theory” was, by certain standards, one of the most popular television shows in history. For 12 seasons, the sitcom about a group of researchers living in Pasadena ran, earning acclaim and high ratings everywhere.

The spin-off Young Sheldon, which is similarly successful, also spawned the series.

This doesn’t mean, though, that the series is without critics. The series is racist, narrow-minded and more than a little lazy, some of its most vocal critics contend. So the victim of lazy storytelling was “The Big Bang Theory”?

The use of stereotypes, some critics say, is indicative of lazy writing

The show may have been popular with some fans, but it is really hated by people who hate it. The use of stereotypes in the series is considered problematic by many reviewers and reflective of lazy writing and storytelling.

It might seem like the series was celebrating geek culture at first glance, but as the series progressed, it became clear that the writers were not celebrating the culture. They were, mainly, making fun of it, Screen Rant argues.

‘The Idea of the Big Bang’: was the series too stereotypical?

Fans also point out that the characters were also extremely stereotypical in the series. Penny was pretty, for instance, but was depicted as very stupid. Amy Farrah Fowler was superb, but she was presented as less desirable.

Fans pointed out that a woman can’t be beautiful and intelligent, a problematic stereotype, the writers seemed to think.

The Big Bang Theory critics often argue that the many plot holes in the series suggest that the show was not well thought out.

To get by, the Big Bang Theory may have relied on assumptions and sexist tropes. The most ardent critics of the series, however, point to another issue when they argue that the writers of the show were fundamentally lazy.

They find out that there were several plot holes in the series. In long-running episodes, plot holes are not rare, but The Big Bang Theory seemed to have more than others.

All the plot holes will be hard to mention, but the most glaring ones have been debated in forums over and over again.

The writers gave numerous names for the father of Penny during the long run of the series.

Fans found that, as well as his supposed aversion to cats, Sheldon Cooper’s birthday seemed to change.

The time period when the elevator was broken shifted twice and without ever giving a last name to Penny, the series ended.

The views of Bernadette on parenthood and the duration of her pregnancy have also been contradictory. Reddit users find out that hundreds more are there. In short, there were a lot of inconsistencies, and critics think that by merely paying more attention to previous plays, the authors might have avoided several plot holes.

Why do fans like The Idea of the Big Bang?

The Big Bang Theory still has a lot of supporters, even though the series has a lot of critics and their arguments for accusing it of lazy storytelling are strong. After the final episode aired, Reddit users who still enjoy the series point to the references to geek culture, the fascinating plunge into the science world, and the soothing, warm representation as reasons why the show is still loved.

‘The Big Bang Theory’: The elevator is surrounded by lots of mystery.

Also critics accept that the depiction of the oddball yet brilliant Sheldon by Jim Parson was brilliant. A similarly driven representation of the poor Leonard Hofstadter was supported by Johnny Galecki.

Each cast member brought everything to the table, and while in the end the series may have suffered from some banality, over the years it still delivered plenty of humorous levity.


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