Has filming on James Spader’s The Blacklist season 9 come to an end?


Has filming on James Spader’s The Blacklist season 9 come to a halt?

Season nine of THE BLACKLIST has just premiered on NBC, but has filming on the show halted?

The ninth season of The Blacklist had been off the air for a month before returning on January 6.

Season nine had been a long time coming for fans, so it was a welcome return for them.

However, there may be longer waits in the future, as some reports suggest that the NBC series may be canceled once more.

Following the cancellation of several other procedurals, fans have expressed concern that The Blacklist could face yet another delay.

Both Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS had to pause production recently due to Covid outbreaks on set.

Fortunately, this is not the case for The Blacklist, which has already experienced several delays due to similar issues.

Production is currently back up to full speed, with the team working on season nine.

A post from Aram Mojtabai star Amir Arison on Instagram put fans’ minds at ease.

“Back to work @nbcblacklist 2022,” he captioned a photo of himself dressed as Amir.

NBC has not confirmed the exact episode count for season nine as a result of all the delays and confusion.

Only seven episodes have been released so far, but a full season of around 23 episodes is expected to be released.

Season nine premiered on October 21 and has already experienced two schedule disruptions.

The reasons for both of these breaks have not been confirmed by NBC, but they are thought to be related to the holiday seasons.

The first hiatus lasted through Thanksgiving, and the second lasted through Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

NBC will most likely confirm the episode count soon now that production has resumed.

Season nine is unlike any of the previous eight seasons in the series.

Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington (James Spader) and Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Keen (Megan Boone) were the show’s first two leads.

Liz unexpectedly left the show at the end of season eight, casting doubt on its future.

However, now that Season 9 has arrived, fans have been slowly piecing together where the main plot might go without Liz.

So far, Red has reassembled the original team, with the majority of the series returning to normalcy.

Although the overall plot remains a mystery, it appears that there is one.

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