Harvey, a ‘natural entertainer,’ is ‘comfortable with attention,’ according to Katie Price.


Harvey, a ‘natural entertainer,’ is ‘comfortable with attention,’ according to Katie Price.

Katie Price’s new book, Katie Price: Harvey and Me, chronicles her relationship with her son Harvey and the challenges of letting him go as he begins to live independently.

As she discusses their relationship in her new book Katie Price: Harvey and Me – A Mother’s Love, Katie Price describes son Harvey Price as “a natural entertainer” who is “comfortable with the attention.”

“He loves to play up to the camera, but it’s Harvey him being himself — we bounce off one other, and he often has me in stitches,” she explained.

Katie Price, who was nominated for a National Television Award earlier this year for their BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me, said: “Harvey was more interested in photographing trains and visiting Paddington Station than in comprehending the concept of a documentary.

“Harvey is used to the attention — he has no idea what the commotion is all about – Harvey is just Harvey, and I am simply mother!”

Katie’s latest book is based on the same-named documentary, in which she examines her relationship with her son Harvey, disclosing “what truly goes on behind closed doors.”

The book details her life with Harvey, with whom she claims to have a “unbreakable link,” as well as his relationship with his siblings and his triumph over adversity.

“Harvey isn’t something to laugh at; he’s my son,” Katie explained.

“Every day, he climbs mountains and challenges that others take for granted. I am so proud of him. He, like me, has feelings.” Katie remarked, “I want everyone to experience what it’s like to be a mother of a seriously challenged child.” “To discuss Harvey and the daily problems we face together is the most personal thing I have ever done.” Katie said, ” “Harvey is a one-of-a-kind individual. In a time when we all need a little more support, I aim to inspire other parents like me.” Harvey was born with septic optic dysplasia, an uncommon disorder that affects brain function, hormones, and eyesight, and he has special needs on a daily basis.

Katie raised him as a single mother, with the help of her own mother, whom she refers to as “her rock.”

She stated, ” “In Harvey’s universe, no two days are alike. Apart from his fixed routine, which is crucial to his success, there is no predictability. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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