Hardwick, Omari Initially, he had no desire to play the lead in ‘Power.’


Hardwick, Omari Initially, he had no desire to play the lead in ‘Power.’

For Omari Hardwick, playing Power has been a life-changing experience.

For his portrayal of Ghost, a heroin dealer turned nightclub owner and the series’ primary character, the actor received widespread attention and critical acclaim.

However, as some may be aware, Hardwick was almost not cast as the main character in Power.

The actor had severe qualms about playing a drug dealer before accepting the part. The majority of those worries stemmed from a lack of preparation for superstardom.

When Omari Hardwick first started acting, he lived out of his car.

Omari Hardwick’s journey to becoming the actor he is today was not easy.

Hardwick pursued odd jobs to make money meet before his career took off, and he considered firefighting as a backup.

However, he obtained his first professional acting role in Spike Lee’s Sucker Free City, which convinced him not to pursue a career as a firefighter. Even after obtaining the Spike Lee role, Hardwick’s career did not go as planned.

In an interview with The Real, Hardwick claimed, “And then I went broke after that.” “It’s like being in a car.”

Because the show was supposed to be a Showtime series, but it didn’t work out. It became a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Hardwick ended up living out of his van and showering at a YMGA after that. He pondered quitting and returning to his parents’ home. Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta, whom he met through their son John David Washington, also aided him. Hardwick’s automobile was paid off thanks to Pauletta’s assistance.

“She paid for my automobile not to be returned,” Hardwick explained. “She called and said, ‘I have to get Denzel’s approval first,’ but he was like, ‘All okay,’ so I sent him a large check back.” Despite these setbacks, Hardwick remained committed to his goals and persevered. Later in his career, he appeared in shows such as Saved, Dark Blue, and Being Mary Jane before landing his largest part in Power.

Hardwick, on the other hand, was hesitant to accept the job of a lifetime when he was offered it.

Omari Hardwick was adamant that he didn’t want to play the lead in ‘Power.’

Hardwick appeared on the Fat Joe Show podcast and discussed his role as Ghost. He told the platinum-selling rapper that he had considered passing on the part since he was more at ease in supporting roles.

“In the end, I had to look myself in the mirror and admit that I was terrified of holding that big-ass mountain… News from Brinkwire Entertainment in a nutshell.


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