Happy Spurs defender compares Antonio Conte to Mauricio Pochettino.


Happy Spurs defender compares Antonio Conte to Mauricio Pochettino.

New Tottenham manager Antonio Conte, like his predecessor Mauricio Pochettino, is known for punishing training sessions, and defender Eric Dier is delighted.

Under new Tottenham manager Antonio Conte, Eric Dier believes it’s back to the future – with an Italian twist.

Conte has just returned from a two-week training camp in which he put those Spurs players not on international duty through rigorous double sessions.

Out-of-favour England defender Dier was among those in that group, and having survived to tell the tale, he has nothing but praise for the grueling-yet-enlightening workouts.

Indeed, he claims that Conte’s punishing schedule resembles that of former N17 coach Mauricio Pochettino.

And, ahead of today’s home match against struggling Leeds, Dier declared that the news is good for everyone involved.

“Training is very different,” the 27-year-old Spurs ace said.

Physically, they’ve been very demanding sessions.

That is, however, normal.

“This isn’t the first time I or anyone else has trained in this manner.”

Anyone who was here during the Pochettino era knows how difficult a game can be.

“And there have been a few over the last few weeks.”

Running and working without the ball were two particularly challenging sessions.

“However, it’s fun at the same time.”

It strengthens the players’ bonds as they work together to get through those difficult sessions.”

Conte is a master tactician as well as a 247 workaholic.

Particularly in the rear.

He famously switched to a five-man defence after losing bady at Arsenal in his first season at Stamford Bridge in 2016-17, sparking a remarkable title-winning turnaround in results.

Conte replaced sacked Nuno Esprito Santo only last month, so it may be too much to expect him to do the same this season with Spurs.

The North Londoners had a ten-point lead going into the weekend.

Dier, on the other hand, is simply fascinated by how the formation functions when the former Italy manager is in charge.

“Seeing how he implements the system and how he wants it to work and be played firsthand has been fascinating,” he said.

“Obviously, I’ve played against it in the past, when he was at Chelsea, and I recall trying to contain his system very well.”

“Now that we’re the protagonists, it’s a lot of fun to learn how to play it in a way I’ve never played it before.”

The attention of the manager.

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