‘Happy Days’: Henry Winkler, for his height, cast as Fonzie


One of the most famous tv characters of all time is The Fonz from Happy Days. In the role of Arthur ‘Fonzie’ Fonzarelli, who is definitely the most famous character in the series, it is difficult to picture anyone other than the actor Henry Winkler.

But it turned out that only because he was short did he get the part.

For the role, another famous Hollywood star auditioned.

He was reportedly rejected because, compared to his co-stars, he looked too tall. Fortunately, it wasn’t Winkler’s situation.

A certain kind of person was represented by Fonzie from “Happy Days”

The network did not want him to become a stereotypical character, although several things are known about Fonzie.

ABC executives insisted that only when he was next to a motorcycle could he wear his signature leather jacket.

This made it difficult for him to appear like an ostracized “hoodlum.”

‘[Producer Garry Marshall] went back and told the writers,’ Without his motorcycle, don’t ever write another scene,” Winkler remembered. So I still stood by my motorcycle – inside, outside, in my apartment, in the apartment of Arnold.

It didn’t matter where, I was on my motorcycle all the time.

And that’s how I got the golf jacket and the leather out of it.

Fonzie never had a pack of cigarettes up his sleeve and never combed his hair, both of which became his character’s signature features.

For the part of Fonzie, another actor auditioned for

Good Days ‘: Henry Winkler claims that this character is today’s Fonzie.

Although the perfect Fonz was played by Winkler, he almost missed the part.

Micky Dolenz, the actor and singer, best known as a member of The Monkees rock band, auditioned for the part and almost landed it.

His height was the primary reason he was turned down, IMDb reports.

Dolenz was 6 feet tall and towered over the other Happy Days actors who had already been cast. Marshall imagined that they might all look each other in the eye. So casting agents went to work searching for smaller stars, which led them straight to Winkler’s 6-foot-4 and his destiny.

But the funniest part of all, perhaps, is that the disparity in size between Winkler and fellow actor Ron Howard (Richie Cunningham) is the same as that between Dolenz and Howard.

The two, only in opposite directions, are 3 inches apart.

One of the best roles in ‘Happy Days’ remains Henry Winkler.

It is said that it all happens for a reason and even Dolenz agreed that when they chose Winkler for Fonzie’s part, the casting made the right decision.

Before literally jumping the shark (in a leather jacket) in season 5, Happy Days witnessed ups and downs in ratings over the years. But decades later, the movie, reminiscent of a simpler period, remains an important part of television nostalgia.

Originally, The Fonz wasn’t planned as a main character, but it soon became apparent that Winkler’s depiction of the cool guy from the community made him a star breakthrough.

And all due, it seems, to his small size.


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