Hannah Stitfall, the host of Springwatch, reveals that her spouse thinks she’s a ‘lunatic.’


Hannah Stitfall, the host of Springwatch, reveals that her spouse thinks she’s a ‘lunatic.’

Hannah Stitfall, a conservationist and BBC digital presenter, has claimed that her husband believes she’s a “lunatic” because she sits in hedgerows for “14 hours a day” to get the perfect shot as part of her job as a conservator.

Hannah Stitfall, a BBC Springwatch presenter, confessed that her spouse believes she’s a “lunatic” for waiting outside for long periods of time in order to get the perfect wildlife shot. The conservationist spoke to This website about how the coronavirus pandemic rekindled the nation’s love of the outdoors during the last 18 months, while conceding that not everyone is willing to go to the extent she does as a wildlife photographer and environmentalist.

My hubby believes I’m insane.

Hannah Stitfall is a character in the film Hannah Stitfall

Hannah expressed her hope that the public’s excitement for the outdoors grew as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, and that it might be perpetuated and leveraged to encourage climate change action.

The environmentalist stated: “I’m optimistic since many individuals on my street have developed a strong interest in wildlife.

“It’s especially amusing because they know I do it for a living.

“We are constantly bombarded with inquiries. ‘What is this flower, exactly?’ ‘What exactly is this?’ “she continued.

Even people she didn’t know before had messaged her, wanting to learn more about nature during the past year, according to the singer.

Hannah elaborated: “Even my London girlfriends, like my true girly girl mates, aren’t interested in nature.

“During the pandemic, though, I received a flood of images from them on WhatsApp, with captions like, ‘What’s this?’ That was a wonderful gesture.” The BBC broadcaster did admit, though, that not everyone will be as enthusiastic about the issue as she is.

Hannah said, “Not everyone is going to be into nature and want to sit in hedgerows for 14 hours trying to snap an image, which is what I do.”

“My spouse thinks I’m insane,” she continued.

Hannah expressed her hope that the nation’s passion in nature can continue over the next 18 months, speaking about how the nation gathered to enjoy the great outdoors over the last 18 months.

“I am optimistic that this newfound love will stay with people,” she continued, “and it’s just a matter of continuing to engage them as I mentioned, you know.” “..


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