Halsey hates when people say she is a lesbian


Halsey is a vocal openly bisexual supporter of LGBTQ rights, but she does not always understand how her representation of same-sex relationships can be viewed. Often, fans accuse her of turning people gay. Here’s why this professor doesn’t agree with that.

Halsey made this music video in response to a label’s order.

Halsey’s song “Ghost” has two music videos because the songs’ videos are rare. Shows incident where Halsey is in a hotel room with a man before being arrested. The other video provides a more detailed clarification. It displays Halsey in an intimate encounter with another woman while wearing neon colored wigs. Halsey explained in an interview with Popjustice that she portrayed a same-sex relationship for political and social purposes.

“I uploaded the ‘Ghost’ video and it’s [about]this lesbian relationship,” “I’m bisexual, so it’s my opportunity to take heteronormativity out of this world of media and culture and blah blah blah.” In addition, the singer said she chose to have a female love interest in the second video because the people at Capitol Records wanted her to have a male love interest and she wanted to piss them off because they thought her love interest should be male. She expressed herself as an advocate of the Devil.

Halsey regrets an intimate and revealing song she wrote about Beck and Taylor Swift.

How the world responded to “Ghost”.

Did the song “Ghost” increase on the charts because of the music video? The song never reached the Hot 100. The music video did not influence radio station to play the song, but did trigger a number of women to feel drawn to the singer.

Halsey does not take well to this chemical reaction.

“The comments under the video are then transgender, transgender, transgender, and they don’t understand that through this hyper-sexualized culture they think they’re accepting transgender, but really they’re implying that transgender is something you can be made into, and that’s counterproductive to my approach.” “My goal is to normalize it, to make it understandable. Statements such as this come from this excessively sexualized nature of the Internet, this overly sensitive political correctness and this insane, crazy world of publicity. I think that’s positive, but there are also products of that that aren’t positive, such as kids saying, “Halsey made me gay.” “I know why they’re trying to do that, but they aren’t really doing what they say they are.”. Halsey informs a fan that he will boot him out of the club.

Halsey depicted LGBT characters openly and casually several times after the release of “Ghost.” She addresses same-sex relationships in the lyrics of other songs such as “New Americana,” “Bad at Love” and “Strangers,” a duet with former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui. Halsey wants to see LGBT people reflected in the media – she’s simply not happy with some of the ways audiences respond to that portrayal.


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