Halo Infinite beta – A new map to ease the blow of Waypoint, an update is required, and bugs remain.


Halo Infinite beta – A new map to ease the blow of Waypoint, an update is required, and bugs remain.

The HALO INFINITE beta is currently underway, but users have been experiencing a slew of troubles since the game’s introduction. The Waypoint website went down, and players were confronted with “update required” and “pending error” notifications. Thankfully, a new map is on its way to the beta, softening some of the blows.

This week, Halo Infinite fans got a sneak peek at the highly anticipated Xbox exclusive. The first Halo Infinite beta began on Thursday, and it was only open to Halo Insiders members who had been invited. The first Halo Infinite beta, however, had its share of troubles, with the Waypoint website collapsing and players receiving update needed and waiting error messages.

Players in Halo Infinite have been getting the ‘update needed’ error when they first start the beta.

If you’ve been seeing this problem on Xbox, a Windows Central post may have offered a solution.

Hard rebooting your Xbox will force it to get the necessary updates to play the beta.

To do so, go to Profile & system > Settings > Power mode & start-up > Full shut-down after pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

When you turn on your Xbox and restart the Halo Infinite beta, the necessary download should begin.

On the Xbox Insider Hub app, Halo Infinite players have been experiencing a pending issue.

There is no fix available for Halo enthusiasts, although engineers are looking into the problem.

“If you are having problems accessing Halo Infinite through the Xbox Insider Hub app, we want you to know that engineers are currently working to address this issue,” the Xbox Support Twitter tweeted. Please check back for updates.” If you’ve been experiencing trouble with the Halo Infinite beta, the good news is that the technical preview will be updated soon.

Bot difficulty is being increased, while 343 Industries’ Brian Jarrard has hinted at a new upcoming map.

“We expect to crank up the Bots to ODST difficulty and provide a new map for you to play on!” Jarrard tweeted.

“The Xbox team is continuing working on the”Pending” issue with the Insider app,” the 343 Industries Community Director added. People are gradually making their way through, but it is a slow process. Keep an eye on @XboxSupport for more information. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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