Gwen Stefani speaks about “saving my own life” after Gavin Rossdale’s divorce.


Things between Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale ended badly.

But in interviews, she spoke about coping with the aftermath of their breakup and her music. She’s opening up now about how she’s saved her own life and how to move on with Blake Shelton.

The new Gwen Stefani record was all about her divorce.

Gwen Stefani confuses Blake Shelton’s fans with her Photoshopped throwback shot

In 2016, Stefani and Rossdale split.

This occurred after Rossdale was charged with cheating on her with the nanny they shared.

A album called “This Is What the Truth Feels Like.” was then released by the singer.

For me, it really was a life-saving record,”It was really a life-saving record for me,” “It wasn’t until I went through the worst tragedy that a channel really opened for me to say, “God gave me a gift. I’m going to be using it right now.

And I’m going to die if I don’t.”

She also said that there were moments when she “picked myself up off the floor and went into the studio.” Since then, Stefani has been engaged and fallen in love with Shelton.

“Nobody But You,”Nobody But You,”Happy Anywhere,”Go Ahead and Break My Heart,”Go Ahead and Break My Heart”You Make It Feel Like Christmas,”You Make It Feel Like Christmas.”Happy Anywhere.

She said that after the divorce, she saved her own life.

The official music video #LetMeReintroduceMyself is out NOW! I can’t believe I have to rediscover the old me. This is Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) January 1, 2021 Funny Explanation for People Noticing the Engagement Ring of Gwen Stefani by Blake Shelton’s Funny Reason for People

Stefani released her first album, Let Me Reintroduce Myself, in 2016. She was focusing on her last one, and where in her life she was.

“It’s weird how fast time can go, especially when you’re a mom of three boys – I was coming out of this horrible time in my life [her divorce from Gavin Rossdale in 2015], and that was when I wrote the last record,” she told Vogue.

“My life was falling apart,”My life was falling apart. [Writing the 2016 album] had nothing but saving my own life to do with it.

It’s a different place to be altogether.

Then I fell in love with this cowboy guy halfway through [recording]– like, what the hell?

With Shelton, she spent most of the COVID-19 pandemic. It wasn’t easy being with him and two of her kids, Stefani said.

“I was on tour with Blake – we were just on the bus when everything got canceled,” she said. “We went straight to Oklahoma and lived on a ranch in a cabin for 100 days.”

What made it so difficult? “I can’t even describe [the cabin]– it’s really small, with a tiny double bed, a trundle [bed]and a couch – and all of us in there,”I can’t even describe [the cabin]—it’s really small, with a small double bed, a trundle [bed]and a sofa—and all of us in it. “We homeschooled all day, it was crazy. It was hard to do it full time because I don’t love cooking and cleaning and wiping pee off the toilet seats – when you have three boys, it’s just a lot.”

At different points in her career, Stefani’s latest music video for the record shows her. It sounds like the singer is glad to focus on her experience right now.


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