Guto Harri has been ‘taken off the air’ by the channel following a ‘unacceptable violation of conduct.’


Guto Harri has been ‘taken off the air’ by the channel following a ‘unacceptable violation of conduct.’

Guto Harri, the host of GB NEWS, has apparently been suspended just days after taking a knee in front of the camera to protest racial discrimination.

Following a response to his taking the knee live on broadcast earlier this week, Guto Harri was apparently “removed off air” by GB News today. Harri took the knee earlier this week after discussing the online racist abuse directed by several of England’s footballers following their failure in the Euro 2020 final. GB News issued a statement on Thursday, calling his actions a “unacceptable breach of norms,” and has since chosen to suspend the broadcaster.

According to The Guardian, Harri was “removed off air” after making the gesture on the network on Tuesday.

The decision was apparently made in response to mounting pressure from viewers who took to social media in droves to express their displeasure with the gesture.

Many people threatened to “boycott” the network as a result, as seen by recent watching data showing that the station failed to draw any quantifiable viewership figures the next day during some of its broadcasts.

Prior to his alleged suspension, GB News issued the following statement on Twitter in response to the incident: “GB News stands firm against racism in all of its manifestations.

“We don’t have a company policy on kneeling. Some of our visitors were in favor, while others were opposed. They’re all anti-racist.

“All GB News journalists adhere to our editorial standards.”

“On Tuesday, a contributing presenter took the knee live on air, and this was an unforgivable breach of our standards,” it said in a second tweet.

“We let both sides of the argument down by oversimplifying a really difficult issue,” a third tweet in the thread remarked. 3/3.”

GB News has been approached by this website for comment on the reports.

“GB News is becoming an absurd imitation of what it promised to be — not protecting free speech and against cancel culture, but reproducing it on the far right,” a friend of Harri’s told The Guardian. Nasty.

“To claim he’s broken editorial standards is ludicrous, and very definitely slanderous.

“In actuality, it was ‘sacked for offending the lynch mob,’ not a transgression of editorial code.”

GB News is a staunch opponent of racism in all forms. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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