Guests were left dumbfounded by the Antiques Roadshow assessment of a family’s handcrafted glass collection.


Guests were left dumbfounded by the Antiques Roadshow assessment of a family’s handcrafted glass collection.

WILL FARMER, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW expert, stunned one guest when he disclosed the astonishing value of her family’s handcrafted glass collection.

In a recent episode of the BBC famous show Antiques Roadshow, expert Will Farmer was astounded by a guest’s glass collection, which was crafted by her great-grandfather in the 1900s. Will left the guest dumbfounded when she learned the pieces were worth £15,000 after analyzing them and discussing their history.

“Well, as someone who is a huge admirer of glass and glass-making, to see two such magnificent specimens here with this wonderfully engraved bottle and this cameo plaque, well, it’s simply fantastic,” Will said.

“But, while there is a relationship here that we’ll go over, is there a connection here for you with these pieces?”

The guest explained, “Absolutely, they’re family pieces.”

“My great-grandfather was Frederick Engelbert Kny, a well-known glass engraver in Stourbridge [and a Bohemian immigrant]and his son Ludwig, my great-uncle.”

“We’re talking about one of the 19th century’s biggest names in the Stourbridge glass business. “How much do you know about the pieces?” Will inquired as he handed the guest over.

The guest remarked, “I’ve always assumed the smell small was Frederick’s, and Ludwig did the cameo plate.”

Will went on to tell the guest that her great grandfather manufactured the glass scent container.

He continued, “Okay, I looked at the perfume bottle and I looked at the hallmark, and I can tell you that the hallmark is for 1905.”

The guest was taken aback by the news and stated that her great-grandfather died in 1905.

“Now, it’s not to suggest that this isn’t an earlier piece by him,” Will continued. That’s a possibility, but I’m going to rule it out and say I believe this essay was written by your great-uncle Ludwig.

“I believe the style of it with the engraving, and of course engraving is your family’s hallmark and signature, but the style of it, we’ve got the cherubs and wings, and it’s a little whimsical,” says the narrator.

“Your great-style grandfather’s was far more classical. Everything in this place has a touch of whimsy to it.

“However, the plaque “I believe this is Ludwig, but it is important emphasizing that it is unfinished,” he continued.

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