Groucho Marx invited Freddie Mercury and Queen to perform. Brian May exclaims, “We froze!”


Groucho Marx invited Freddie Mercury and Queen to perform. Brian May exclaims, “We froze!”

During a bizarre encounter with their comedic hero, FREDDIE MERCURY and Queen were requested to perform for Groucho Marx at his home.

The Marx Brothers’ comedy flicks were so popular with Freddie Mercury and Queen that they named two of their albums after them: A Night at the Opera and A Day at the Races. Groucho Marx, now in his eighties, learned of this and invited the band to his Los Angeles home, where he asked them to perform for him on the spot. Brian May just told the story during the premiere of his new album, Back to the Light, on Instagram Live.

Brian says in the video below with presenter Joe Lindsay, “The great Groucho Marx we met and it was in reaction to a communication that came from his carer or publicist.”

“We understand you guys were influenced by Marx Brothers films, and Groucho would like to meet you,” she stated.

As a result, Freddie, Brian, and Roger Taylor visited him at his Beverly Hills home, while John Deacon “chicked out,” according to the Queen drummer.

When they arrived at the lovely home, they were greeted by Groucho’s equally lovely nurse, who announced that Groucho will be with them shortly.

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Brian Harold May (@brianmayforreal) shared a post.

She then left Freddie, Brian, and Roger before returning in a wheelchair, pushing Groucho, who was “alive and well.” “He would like to perform for you,” the caregiver said.

“So he did,” the Queen guitarist explained. He sort of raised himself up on the piano while she played and he sang one of his odd and wonderful little tunes.

“And then he sat back and said, ‘Okay,’ after telling a few more jokes. Now it’s up to you guys to put on a show!’

“We kind of froze, thinking, ‘Oh no!’ ‘How are we going to proceed?’

So Brian said that they couldn’t perform since they didn’t have a guitar to play with. Groucho, on the other hand, said, “Ah!” We’ve got a guitar! “Go get the guitar!”

Finally, the Queen icon strummed alongside Freddie and Roger as they sang 39. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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