‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Why some viewers refuse to totally rewatch season 13


Grey’s Anatomy remains one of television’s most famous shows. The series turned Shonda Rhimes into a household name from a prolific but little-known author, furthering the careers of many of the actors who acted in the series.

Fans and critics alike have lauded the series for the way it develops its characters and storylines while retaining a familiar and open appeal, and it has received multiple awards. The series is being renewed for a seventeenth season right now and could run much longer.

But in the long run, it’s only normal that the consistency of the series will differ over time. Some seasons and story arcs are more common than others, and some plot lines have been found upsetting by fans. One particular season, however, attracted the wrath of many fans. Which season was that, and why did a series that they otherwise loved turn off fans so much?

“Grey’s Anatomy” and Eliza Minnick.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: because she was “weak” and useless, people hated Penny

Eliza Minnick’s character was introduced in season 13. In that season, after they decided it required some effort, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital hired a consultant to revamp their residency program.

The consultant who came in to reform the residency program was Eliza Minnick, but her involvement was opposed by the residents and doctors. Her efforts to assert greater influence over the hospital and some dubious ethics quickly made her an enemy in dealing with patients.

She entered into a relationship at the same time with a resident that some fans were cheering for: Arizona Robbins.

The series made an attempt to humanize her, considering Minnick’s role as the villain of the season.

But in an emergency situation, she was eventually fired from the hospital for not following procedure, and her portrayer, Marina Dominczyk, did not continue on the show.

Her relationship with Arizona was unexpectedly terminated by the producers of the show as well.

Grey’s Anatomy’ dispute over character.

As an antagonist, Eliza Minnick was certainly a villain that viewers should hate. There are ways, however, to write villains that are unlike people but enjoyable as characters, and many show fans thought that Minnick actually failed as an engaging character, reducing season 13’s quality.

With this season, even the actors of the series had issues.

Reaction from Fandom

Many fans spoke about how they missed season 13 on the Grey’s Anatomy fan Reddit – largely because of Minnick’s storyline.

“With significant hate songs, there are many characters on Grey’s Anatomy, but fans were not shy about describing Minnick as “the WORST character on the show…. Still!!! ”

Some of the fans were a little even-keeled, but still disappointed:

“I think Minnick had a point, but the whole thing was poorly executed and the actress was not good, so it was hard to get into it.”

Some fans liked to see her character grow with Arizona, while others claimed that her romance plotline was criticized for being false and inauthentic:

“Ughhh, she and Arizona had ZERO chemistry. When they got together, it was kind of hilarious. It was so terrible. I can tell that both of them are very straight.

In the season, viewers had other issues: the “Deluca x Alex plotline” and the relationship between Jackson and Maggie. There are, of course, a few fans who loved this season, the relationships that formed in it, and even the character and storyline of Minnick. However, it seems that most fans of Grey’s Anatomy see this as part of the show that does not mesh with the rest of the series.

Fortunately, fans see that the series – especially from season 15 – has regained its quality.

And if the hype about the new season is any indication, it looks like this long-running series still excites and engages viewers.


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