‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Some supporters are struggling to make it through season 17


This year, the COVID 19 pandemic shook up television and film production quite a bit. Before finishing their seasons in the spring, several series had to pause, while others had to deal with several shooting delays.

They had to make several drastic adjustments when those series were eventually able to start shooting again. It seems like several shows have attempted to discuss the world’s current state in some way. Since it was already set in a hospital, Grey’s Anatomy had an easier time integrating COVID-19 into the plot of the season.

Fans are not, as it turned out, very fond of this season….

Grey’s Anatomy”Grey’s Anatomy”

As the story line of a TV series set in a hospital, it seemed like a natural match – a global pandemic.

All the time, everybody still wears surgical masks and scrubs, so they don’t have to make too many changes. What’s the problem, then?

The issue is that the whole COVID-19 emphasis that has taken over one of their favorite shows is not loved by viewers.

They feel crushed in real life by the pandemic that affects them, and having to watch it happen in a world of fiction just hits too close to home.

One of the key reasons people watch these shows is to avoid reality for a bit, during their leisure period, not to have it pushed down their throats.

This season, Grey’s Anatomy has concentrated so much on the pandemic that nothing else has occurred. That’s not just depressing, it’s pretty dull.

Fans were subjected to detailed talks about how COVID-19 is ruining the lives of all.

They have had to watch the heroine of the entire series, Meredith Grey, sit in a hospital bed and wither away from the infection, as if that were not enough.

Many fans have shared their views about this season on Reddit, and many believe it’s just too much.

“If I want to see the effects of the pandemic, I just watch around me, we’re already living it. I can’t watch more Greys to escape….. I’m so overwhelmed by this pandemic that I hate to see it infiltrate even my favorite television program.”I just watch around me, we’re living it already. I can’t see more Greys escape… I’m so overwhelmed by this pandemic that I hate to see it infiltrate even my favorite TV display.

In the past,’ Grey’s’ has dealt with several tragic problems.

No stranger to sad stories is ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

The people at Grey Sloan Memorial were constantly put through the wringer, and it seems like some of them still have nine lives, like a cat.

The heartbreaking deaths of many main characters had to be endured by viewers. Denny Duquette, sweet and lovable, worked like hell to get a new heart, only to be brought down by a blood clot that had caused a stroke.

While moving a woman out of the way of an oncoming car, fan favorite George O’Malley was struck by a truck.

Derek Shepherd (aka McDreamy), everybody’s favorite neurosurgeon, died after a terrible tractor trailer crash.

Grey’s Anatomy was full of other tragedies, in addition to the many deaths of key characters.

A few hours after he was born, April and Jackson lost their boy.

At the altar, Cristina was alone.

When Callie was pregnant, Arizona and Callie were involved in an awful car crash.

Hurricanes, fires and earthquakes have also affected the hospital.

Compared with what the protagonist of the show, Meredith Grey, has endured over the past 16 seasons, all of that pales. She survived a plane crash, a shooting at a hospital, and a near-drowning accident. Often, she was beaten so badly by a patient that she almost died.

During a power outage, she had a miscarriage and then a very bloody C-section in a hospital elevator.

When she purchased a dog at the beginning of the series to get over Derek (who she knew was married), the dog died of cancer. Seriously – what else could this poor woman have done to her?

Grey’s Anatomy”Grey’s Anatomy”

The heartbreaking episode that is almost too close to reality in 2020: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Although fans feel this season has been pretty depressing so far, the makers of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ promise that the focus won’t just be on the negative. Krista Vernoff, executive producer of the series, says, “There’s a lot of story to be told that’s kind of COVID, but not about death and despair.”

She also says that the heroes on the front lines will respect them, and that this season’s viewers will also get some humor and romance.


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