Greggs has announced the introduction of their autumn menu, which includes new vegan bacon rolls.


Bored of the vegan sausage roll? Well Greggs has new options now as it launches its autumn menu and revealed it is bringing out some new products including a vegan bacon roll

Fast-food chain Greggs has done it once again for the vegan community.

In 2019, the company went viral after launching its delicious vegan sausage roll and now it is back to launch another plant-based treat in its autumn menu.

The bakery, which also sells some fast food dishes, has bought back the pumpkin spice latte but also some new items.

A vegan bacon roll and a vegan sausage roll are now up for grabs in Greggs up and down the UK.

The plant-based bacon option is 276 calories while the Quorn sausage roll is 411.

Meanwhile, meat lovers can now get roast chicken and stuffing baguette (complete with gravy) or a warming spicy chicken and red pepper soup.

If you are having a sweet-tooth craving, they have launched a new tasty treat – a sticky toffee muffin – and it looks divine.

Also on the menu for just £1 is a pack of two hash brown.

Plant-based folk have already run down to their local Greggs to grab some of the new items on the menu and review it online.

Posting on Twitter, one wrote: “Greggs vegan sausage and bacon roll absolutely SLAPS!”

Another tweeted: “Just found out Greggs do vegan bacon rolls now, which means quick pre-long train journey breakfasts are back on again!”

One vegan tweeted Greggs directly saying: “I’ve gotta hand it to you, I just tried the new vegan bacon and it’s good!

“For £1.90, I’d much rather spend the extra 10p on two sausage rolls, but otherwise it was a really nice change. Thanks for supporting the vegan community, we’ll continue to support you.”

It comes after a nail artist’s Greggs design with a ‘sausage roll charm’ hanging off went viral.

An ex-Greggs worker also recently spilled behind-the-counter secrets – from rude nicknames to food wars.


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