‘Green tomatoes on the left!’ Monty Don explains how to ripen tomatoes after a summer that was “too hot.”


‘Green tomatoes on the left!’ Monty Don explains how to ripen tomatoes after a summer that was “too hot.”

After a “very hot” British summer, MONTY DON has given his advice for ripening green tomatoes. Many Britons will be stuck with green tomatoes this month, according to the host of Gardeners’ World.

September is an excellent time to return to the garden and begin cleaning up your borders and planting bulbs in preparation for the spring season. Some gardeners are finding that they are still harvesting tomatoes this month. Tomatoes can be picked anytime from late June until September.

Many British gardeners, meanwhile, are discovering that their tomatoes are still green.

Monty Don, the host of the BBC’s long-running series Gardeners’ World, explains why your tomatoes are still green and what you can do to get them to ripen.

Monty uploaded a photo on Instagram today announcing a new post on his site, montydon.com.

“It is September – the most golden and ethereal of months,” he captioned a snapshot of his lovely garden.

“For your golden September garden, my website montydon.com has been updated with suggestions, jobs, and inspiration.”

Monty listed a variety of occupations that Britons can perform this September in his blog article.

Taking cuttings, sowing lawn seed, restoring lawns, aerating lawns, harvesting and storing apples, planting bulbs and garlic, and pruning summer-fruiting raspberries were among the gardening expert’s recommendations.

After a summer that was “too hot” in the UK, he proposed “ripening tomatoes.”

“Tomatoes ripen best between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius, so this summer was too hot for many of them – especially if grown under glass, which meant that many stayed green considerably longer than in a colder year,” he said.

“However, by September, the heat has worn off, and we’re all stuck with green tomatoes that will never ripen.

“Picking them individually or on the vine, then putting them in a drawer with a banana will cause them to ripen and turn red.”

Ethylene is a gas produced by bananas that aids in the ripening of tomatoes after they have been picked.

Tomatoes open more quickly when they’re warm, so putting green tomatoes in a sealed container with a ripe banana will speed up the process.

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Monty suggested growing garlic for individuals wishing to add to their crop rotation this month.

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