Grant Shapps warns that as the green list evolves, “we’ll have to keep a tight eye on things.”


Grant Shapps warns that as the green list evolves, “we’ll have to keep a tight eye on things.”

Spain’s summer vacations have been officially saved, with the country remaining on the amber list and France joining it. Grant Shapps has advised Britons to “enjoy their vacations,” but has cautioned that the government will keep an eye on the travel lists.

Many Britons will be relieved to learn where they can go on vacation this year, thanks to the latest Government travel update.

Last night, Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said that Spain would remain on the amber list, while France would be moved from amber plus to amber.

Grant Shapps of Sky News offered an unexpected piece of advice for Britons this morning: go on vacation.

The conversation quickly shifted to Spain, and the counsel given to one country seemed to apply to the other.

“I believe France and most of the continent are going through the same Delta wave that we have,” he said.

“That we know how this works out: the more vaccines you have, the better off you are,” he added. On the PCR advise that was issued yesterday and was mostly related to travel to Spain, the Transport Secretary was quick to point up that the laws had not changed.

“In Spain, where we have the B1621 mutation, nine out of ten people already have a PCR test, so there is no significant change,” he stated.

“PCR testing are useful because they will allow our scientists and medics to keep a close check on variants,” he stated. It’s only a reminder that those tests are particularly useful.” There’s no need to spend a fortune on PCR tests for Britons living abroad, as the advice is only that: “If you have a choice [amongst many tests], the PCR ones are particularly helpful.”

“I’m afraid we’ll have to keep a careful eye on this infection forever,” Grant Shapps remarked. But today is really wonderful news.” The Transport Secretary did not want to state that international vacations were 100 percent secure this summer; instead, he believes that people should “enjoy their vacations.” “Brinkwire Summary News” says there aren’t any.


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