Grand Designs Live with Kevin McCloud is the first stop for an eco future.


Grand Designs Live with Kevin McCloud is the first stop for an eco future.

The Government pounded the hearts of Grand Designs enthusiasts when it launched Help to Build, a £150 million subsidy scheme for self-build dwellings, a few months ago.

The scheme is expected to work in a similar fashion to Help to Buy, with a government equity loan used to build or commission a dream home. The fact that it has yet to be released will not discourage the hundreds expected at this month’s Grand Designs Live, which will mark the tenth anniversary of Kevin’s Green Heroes — the most innovative, eco-friendly self-build items on the market.

There are five groundbreaking goods that are near to the eco-heart, warrior’s as chosen by Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud, who is returning on our TV screens in the Channel 4 show.

These include Elite Eco’s rubber system membrane, a waterproof membrane spray manufactured from recycled rubber for repairing leaking seams, and Graphenstone’s lime and graphene paint, which absorbs CO2 and has natural antibacterial and insect-repelling characteristics.

SpringBond, a carpet underlay made from recycled plastic bottles; Polywood, recyclable antibacterial bottles made from a natural fiber-reinforced polymer composite; and Bee Saving Paper, which is impregnated with seeds and can be used to grow bee-friendly plants once you’ve finished with it, are the others.

These are the kinds of eco-friendly materials McCloud expects we’ll all be utilizing in the future whether we rebuild, build, or do some DIY, and with rising property prices, fixer-uppers are in even higher demand.

Are you looking for a new house or just want to take a look around? Please enter your postcode in the box below, or go to InYourArea Earlier this year, a specialist lender conducted study. Together, they discovered that 34% of UK homeowners were willing to take on a self-build project to make a home for a family member or to sell, and 26% wanted to build an independent annexe.

When you build in your own garden, you can claim VAT on most labor and material expenditures and avoid stamp duty.

Legal advice, including Capital Gains Tax, is critical, and free 30-minute expert counsel sessions are a highlight of the Grand Designs Live exhibition, which runs from October 6 to 10 at Birmingham’s NEC.

The topics covered in the sessions vary from financing to heating and ventilation, kitchen design, and structural engineering, making them valuable for both those who want to renovate and those who want to build new homes. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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