Graham Norton says farewell, says goodbye


As Graham Norton remarked during his last broadcast on the network, “Radio 2 has made such a fuss,” “They’ve put up tinsel.”

Norton has agreed to move on after 10 years as a Saturday morning DJ (to Virgin Radio, as it happens). His last performance was last Saturday. “That’s it,” declared Norton after one song, “the end of a mistake.”

Nothing but. Since Norton took over from Jonathan Ross on Saturday morning, he’s been a healthy pair of hands (which couldn’t always be said of Ross); talkative (always nice in a DJ), somewhat snarky, and not too hyper.

In reality, on Saturday, he steered things steadily away from the Maudlin until the very last touch. Remember,”Remember, I’m riding in a cab, not a hearse,”I’m riding in a cab, not a hearse.

The final broadcast was business as usual for the most part. Banter with guests, his best to break up a teenage couple during his weekly Graham barbecue advice, and a choice of music that’s light to mediocre.

At the end, Pam Ayres read a poem in his honor that she had composed, and Norton thanked him. Now I’m getting emotional.”I’m getting emotional now.”Reach for the Stars”Reach for the Stars”

Listen Out For: Baby Jane Austen Happened Something, Radio 4, Hogmanay, 11pm. This comedy-drama stars none other than Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders and was written by novelist and screenwriter David Quantick, somewhat buried at a moment when everyone is preparing to say goodbye to a terrible year. Following the release of a tell-all book, French and Saunders play feuding celebrity sisters whose squabbles come to a head.


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