Gordon Ramsay expresses his displeasure at his daughter’s sexual assault. ‘She’s had a rough go of it.’


Gordon Ramsay expresses his displeasure at his daughter’s sexual assault. ‘She’s had a rough go of it.’

GORDON RAMSAY has provided an update on his daughter Holly Ramsay, who was sexually raped at the age of 18.

After the event, Gordon Ramsay claimed Holly was “perfectly fine.” The pandemic, according to the chef, gave him the opportunity to “understand” what the now 21-year-old had gone through.

Holly has had a particularly trying time.

Ramsay, Gordon

The 54-year-old revealed his second daughter had been through “a very terrible time” in a new interview with his wife Tana Ramsay, 47, released today.

Following the sexual assault, Holly spent some time in a psychiatric facility.

After establishing her own mental health podcast, 21 & Over, in August, she was diagnosed with PTSD and talked up about it.

After going through a “healing process,” the restaurant owner said that she had now “dealt with those difficulties.”

Gordon and Tara have four children: Megan, 23, Holly and Jack, Tilly, 19, and Oscar, who is two years old.

When it came to girlfriends and daughters, the former confessed that it was “extremely difficult.”

“There are a lot of small idiots out there who want to exploit our girls,” he said.

The TV personality then moved on to Holly, noting that the family benefited from the extra time spent together owing to the lockdown.

He said, “Holly has had a very rough time.”

Gordon went on to say in The Mail On Sunday, “She is now in a fantastic situation and has resolved those concerns.

“From a father’s perspective, the pandemic came at the best time because we were able to spend quality time together and comprehend what she was going through.

“She’s in perfect health presently. There was a period of mending.” It comes less than two months after Holly revealed that she had been sexually attacked for the first time.

She credited her famous father with assisting her in dealing with the situation at the time.

She added in an interview on her podcast: “I went to university and majored in fashion design, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, during the second half of the first year, I was suffering from PTSD and had no idea what was going on.

“I was going out a lot and missing classes as a result. I wasn’t having a good time. I was having a lot of trouble.” Holly went on to say: “Two sexual assaults when I was 18 resulted in PTSD. It wasn’t until a. “Brinkwire Summary News” that I told anyone about it.


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