Gordon Ramsay claims that preparing meals for Vladimir Putin made him tremble.


Gordon Ramsay claims that preparing food for Vladimir Putin made him tremble.

When asked to prepare a meal for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Gordon Ramsay, star of Hell’s Kitchen and celebrity chef, expressed his fear of giving him food poisoning.

Gordon Ramsay has never cooked for anyone more intimidating than Vladimir Putin.

When asked to prepare a meal for the Russian president, the celebrity chef expressed his fear of giving him food poisoning.

Ramsay, 55, who is known for his tough demeanor, said the experience in 2000 left him trembling.

“I remember being invited to Downing Street to cook for Tony Blair and President Putin,” he said on the Kelly Clarkson show in the United States.

“I actually s**t on myself.”

“Could you imagine if you food poisoned these two?” I wondered. “Could you imagine the s**t I’d get if I took these two down?”

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

I was standing between them to say hello when they asked about the English asparagus, and I thought to myself, “Get me the f**k out of here, I’m done.”

Tomato consomme with albino sturgeon golden caviare, mosaic of chicken and ham knuckle, roasted slice of sea bass on crushed new potatoes with white asparagus in a red wine sauce, and treacle tart were among the dishes served to the Russian leader.

During his conversation with Kelly, Gordon also called his daughter Megan’s boyfriend “pathetic.”

He opened up about his eldest daughter’s dating choices when asked how he deals with his daughters’ love lives as their protective father.

He mentioned how she recently reconciled with her ex-boyfriend Byron.

Gordon said of his daughter’s rekindled romance with him, “He was OK to begin with.”

“[He’s] a little drenched.

He was just… pathetic.” “You want a man to date your daughter, and he was just… pathetic.”

Gordon went even harder on the poor lad, saying, “I want to kill the little f***er, I kid you not.” Kelly started laughing hysterically.

Gordon not only enjoys slamming his daughter’s boyfriend on TV, but he also enjoys commenting on their relationship.

“She [Tilly] gave it to me and said, ‘Dad, don’t do anything,’ and I said, ‘No, just give it to me,’ because if anything goes wrong, I need his number on my phone,” he explained.

“So I waited to find out when they were having dinner together and,” he explained.

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