Gordon Ramsay, 54, and his wife Tana wish to have another child after their son was born two years ago.


Gordon Ramsay, 54, and his wife Tana wish to have another child after their son was born two years ago.

GORDON RAMSAY has announced that he and his wife Tana Ramsay want to have another child.

Gordon Ramsay, 54, wants to expand his family of seven by having another child. The celebrity chef only had his youngest child two years ago, but he’s already planning on becoming a father once more.

However, the pair claims that the sleepless nights, tantrums, and diapers have only fueled their desire to expand their family.

Gordon joked that his wife was four months pregnant in a recent interview with The Mail’s You Magazine.

He swiftly followed up with: “Tana is going to suffocate me. I’m joking, of course. No, we talked about having another child. I thought it was a fantastic concept.

“‘Well, let’s get planning,’ she said. ‘Oh my god, just pause for two seconds,’ I say. What will happen on sports day now that I’ll be the oldest dad at school?'” We’d still consider it, though, because it’s been so much fun spending time with Oscar.

“At Daymer Bay, I was just watching him take his first steps on the beach. Observing his first few bites of food. It has kept us on our toes and taught us how to be better parents.” He reiterated that she is not pregnant, but that they are “considering.”

Megan, 23, twins Jack and Holly, 21, Strictly Come Dancing star Tilly, 19, and Oscar are already their children.

Gordon spoke out for the first time about his daughter Holly’s sexual abuse in the same interview.

The celebrity chef expressed his admiration for Holly’s handling of the horrible experience that left her with post-traumatic stress disorder.

He credited confinement with helping him realize what his daughter had gone through.

After “coping” with what had happened, Gordon explained that Holly is in “an fantastic situation.”

He went on to say: “From a father’s perspective, the pandemic was excellent timing because we got to spend quality time together and comprehend what she’d been through; she’s fine now, and there was a healing process.”

Gordon went on to say that he is very protective of his three kids and possible boyfriends.

“It’s quite difficult,” he added, “because there are so many little idiots out there who want to take advantage of our girls.”

Holly revealed that she spent months at The Nightingale, a private recovery facility, after suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and despair.

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