‘Goosebumps’: ONF will release their final album before joining the K-pop group.


‘Goosebumps’: ONF is planning their final comeback album before joining the K-pop group.

ONF announced the release of their sixth mini-album, ‘Goosebumps,’ in December 2021, following the release of ‘Popping.’

ONF, a K-pop group, had a huge comeback with ‘Popping,’ but a surprise announcement on November 9 left fans heartbroken.

The group’s two sub-unit leaders came together and informed their fanbase that five of the group’s six Korean members were planning to enlist in the military together.

They reassured fans that the upcoming hiatus would be magical.

According to the handwritten note from Hyojin and J-US from ONF, the six members of the group decided after much deliberation that it would be in the best interests of fans and members of the group to complete their military enlistment at the same time.

The decision means that the ONF’s “enlistment era” will last only 18 months, rather than the years that it would have taken if each member enlisted separately, leaving a void in the group every time.

Fans would have to endure a lengthy period of “no content” or settle for ONF music projects without the enlisted members.

The decision to enlist as a group was also made because the members did not want to be separated for more than 18 months while U, the group’s only Japanese member, waited for his band mates to return.

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ONF makes a comeback just as Korean members are preparing to enlist in the military.

ONF releases the music video for “Popping,” and Fuses claims that “you can’t spell confused without onf.”

ONF has also announced their next comeback.

ONF also revealed that they would give their fans a farewell gift in the form of a new album to enjoy before they all return on the same day they announced their enlistment.

ONF made history by becoming the first K-pop group (with more than two members) to enlist together, and fans were ecstatic.

ONF announced the November 11 release date for their new album, as well as the fact that they would be returning for the final time before taking a brief hiatus.

On December 3, the ONF group will release their sixth mini-album, “Goosebumps,” and then enlist in the military after promoting the album at various music festivals.

The first group photo for the upcoming release was released by WM Entertainment, the group’s management company, on November 20.

Members of the group take a stand.

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