Gold Town: Lucky Scots encourage people to explore their property, saying, “We’re sitting on gold!”


Gold Town: Lucky Scots encourage people to explore their property, saying, “We’re sitting on gold!”

GOLD TOWN tells the story of the birth of Scotland’s first commercial goldmine, with one family sitting on enormous wealth and now inviting others to explore their own land.

For 35 years, the Burton family has been promised gold beneath their land in Cononich, near Tyndrum, only to be disappointed. Things stayed the same until recently, when Davy Burton, a Scotgold senior maintenance supervisor, and a team mined the first batch of the precious metal four months ago. He believes there is more where that came from.

A team from the BBC filmed his and his family’s adventure in the series “Gold Town.”

“There could be a large mine we’re sitting on that we just don’t know about,” Mr Davy added, “but unless the firm spends money and looks, you’ll never know.”

“If this goes well and the company starts to make some money, they can put some money aside for exploration, and you never know what you’ll find.

“Any estates and farms that are located on the Dalradian rock formation could be sitting on gold that they are unaware of.

“Exploration work is so expensive that there hasn’t been anything done.

“When they start generating money on the mine here, they’ll set aside some money for investigation, and I believe that’s when we’ll discover there are other veins of gold in the area.”

“This can’t be a fluke or a fortuitous find. There has to be more gold somewhere.”

The discovery has the potential to turn the area into a wealthy sanctuary.


The remarkable journey and unlikely moment when the gold was first discovered and spilled over on November 30, 2020 is chronicled in BBC Scotland’s Gold Town.

It also details the difficulties the Burtons faced during the procedure.

He acknowledged that he is overjoyed that geologists have finally discovered what he and his family have been searching for for decades.

They didn’t trust a freelance geologist when he told them they were sitting on a gold mine when he initially knocked on the door.

Mr Burton’s father, John, had always been a strong supporter of the cause.

However, after several companies dropped out owing to financial and logistical difficulties, hope that the initiatives would ever bear fruit faded swiftly.

Following Scotgold’s takeover in 2007, “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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