GMB’s Ben Shephard rages at’slow’ injury setbacks: ‘Just when I’m getting somewhere.’


GMB’s Ben Shephard rages at’slow’ injury setbacks: ‘Just when I’m getting somewhere.’

BEN SHEPHARD is dissatisfied with his slow recovery from a leg injury sustained last summer.

Ben Shephard suffered a fractured leg, a ruptured ACL, and torn muscles and ligaments after injuring his leg during a veterans’ football match in June.

The 47-year-old was bedridden and underwent multiple surgeries before taking a break from his duties as a presenter on Good Morning Britain to focus on his recovery.

I’m six months post-op and everything seems to go wrong right when I think I’m getting somewhere.

Shephard, Ben

He returned to the ITV show the following month, but stressed that he was still a long way from being able to walk without pain in his knee.

And on Monday, a curious follower tweeted Ben to inquire about his progress.

@shrekfacethema1 asked, “How’s the knee coming along pal?”

“Is that new equipment any good? I’ve had ACL op number 2 for 8 years and it’s still a pain.

@benshephard, how’s it going with the knee? Is that new equipment any good? I’m 8 years post ACL op #2 and it still hurts.

Maintain your faith.

“Do not lose hope.”

“8 years!” Ben exclaimed, completely taken in by the Twitter user’s message.

“It’s been slow so far; I’m six months post-op, and just when I think I’m getting somewhere, something goes wrong.”

Following his return to GMB, the Tipping Point star detailed his horrific injury, revealing that he “severed all the nerves” in his leg while continuing to play football.

Susanna Reid, his co-host, was visibly moved as she described Ben’s arrival at the ITV studios in a leg brace.

Ben seemed adamant about getting back to work no matter what it took.

“I wish I had taken a photo in my dressing room this morning,” she said, “because Ben came in with quite a get up on your leg.”

“Without realising it, I’ve ruptured my ACL, torn the meniscus, and fractured part of my leg,” the father-of-two added.

“It’s funny, I didn’t realize I’d done it so badly.”

“I kept playing for another 25 minutes before thinking to myself, ‘It feels a little shaky, maybe I should stop.’

“It turned out that I had severed all of the nerves, which is why I “Brinkwire Summary News.”

I’m 6 months post op and just when I think im getting somewhere it goes a bit wrong

Ben Shephard


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