GMB viewers are distracted by Kate Garraway’s presence. “Is she trying to outdo Susanna?” they wonder.


GMB viewers are distracted by Kate Garraway’s presence. “Is she trying to outdo Susanna?” they wonder.

On Friday, Kate Garraway co-hosted Good Morning Britain with Ben Shephard, but ITV viewers were distracted by the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! star’s wardrobe.

On Friday, Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard were reunited on Good Morning Britain, when they resumed their customary presenting duties. On Thursday, Susanna Reid drew a lot of attention for her costume choice, but on Friday, it was Kate’s time to divert the focus of the morning show’s viewers.

Kate chose a green top with blue sleeves and green cuffs to complete her ensemble.

“@GMB is Kate trying to outdo Susanna’s attire as the most talked about this week?” one wondered.

“@GMB I’m not a fan of Kate’s school dinner apron appearance. Another person commented, “Blue and green should not be noticed unless there is a color in between.”

“@GMB,” said a third. Kate, I adore you, but have you forgotten to remove your tabard?”

“#GMB Susanna received so much attention yesterday for her dress that Kate felt left out, which is why she is wearing such a monster. She wants the spotlight too,” someone another teased.

Another, though, added: “@GMB Can I just add that you all look fantastic this morning? You’ve cheered my day on a dreary Friday morning! Kate, I really like your outfit.”

“I’m a huge fan of Kate Garraway’s @gmb wardrobe. “She’s usually so stylish,” said a sixth.

Susanna, Kate’s co-host, did the same thing to viewers on Thursday.

She was dressed in a silky pink wrap dress, but GMB viewers mistook her for a dressing gown.

“Did Susanna Reid forget to get dressed?” wondered one spectator.

“#GMB, yup that’s clearly a dressing gown,” one person tweeted.

Meanwhile, Kate gave an upsetting report on her husband Derek Draper’s health.

Dr. Hilary Jones and the presenter explored the ramifications of extended Covid on Thursday.

“I believe that’s one of the things, Hilary, we’ve spoken about how now we’re in a scenario where most individuals are likely to catch Covid,” she said.

“We can’t prevent people from getting it; it’s the vaccine that prevents it from becoming more harmful.”

She continued, “Even when you look at some of the symptoms that people who have been twice vaccinated suffer from, it’s weariness.”

“Now, I thought weariness was just exhaustion from getting up early in the morning, which you know as a GP Hilary.”

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