GMB fans are outraged by the Pen Farthing voicemail investigation: ‘I was just hoping for drama.’


GMB fans are outraged by the Pen Farthing voicemail investigation: ‘I was just hoping for drama.’

On Good Morning Britain, PEN FARTHING apologized for the profanity he used in a ‘leaked’ phone message he left for an adviser to Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, but fans were outraged that he was even asked about it.

Pen Farthing told about trying to evacuate his animals from the Nowzad shelter with his colleagues after arriving in Oslo, Norway from Afghanistan. He was able to bring several of the cats and dogs he’d saved on the aircraft, but he had to leave his employees behind. On Good Morning Britain, the former Royal Marine revealed how he helped the Taliban evacuate him from Kabul airport, but hosts Sean Flecther and Charlotte Hawkins were curious about an expletive-laced phone message he sent to a Ben Wallace staffer that was “leaked.”

Hawkins began, “You’re also aware there’s been what’s being described as a leaked voicemail that you left an aide of Ben Wallace, Peter Quentin, it’s sort of a heated message they’re saying is left.” “Did this happen to be you?”

“I’m going to have to say now, just so everyone knows, I’m really embarrassed for my language, and I apologize to everyone who has listened to that,” Mr Farthing responded.

“I had reached the lowest point in my life. I know how the world works, but my emotions got the best of me.

“I apologize for my language to anyone who has had to listen to it.

“I probably shouldn’t have phrased it that way, but the sentiment was true: I was really outraged, angry, and disappointed.

“It was the lowest period in my life. I didn’t have any other choice and didn’t know what else to do, so you’ve probably heard some colorful language.”

Those watching at home were quick to criticize the GMB hosts for focusing on Mr Farthing and his animals since their arrival in Oslo instead of inquiring about the voicemail.

“Pen had a terrible interview. GMB is only interested in drama and gossip, and they haven’t even asked how the animals are doing,” one viewer wrote.

“Horrible interview,” said another. @PenFarthing went above and beyond. The leaked call just demonstrated his zeal and fury, and it was exactly what he’d expressed publicly. He can be proud of everything.”

“GMB at it again, low level stuff,” said a third. Pandering.”

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