GMB backlash: Ofcom has filed a complaint against Alastair Campbell for his anti-Boris diatribe.


GMB backlash: Ofcom has filed a complaint against Alastair Campbell for his anti-Boris diatribe.

HAPPY MORNING Alastair Campbell, a British television personality, has recently attracted widespread criticism and Ofcom complaints for his “biased” opinions against the government.

After presenter Alastair Campbell was accused of having “biased” opinions against the government in a recent program of Good Morning Britain, 66 Ofcom complaints were filed. Campbell’s remarks come after Prime Minister Boris Johnson avoided being interviewed on the morning breakfast show for the second time.

Following rumors that he was hiding from the show, the Prime Minister has not been on the ITV programme in over four years, or 1,563 days.

Ranvir Singh was covering the Conservative Party Conference on October 5 and was unable to speak with Mr Johnson because he avoided her.

Johnson was flagged down by aides as he walked into the conference, and Singh exclaimed, “Prime Minister!” on ITV.

“Good Morning Britain would want to have you on the show!” Singh cried again as Johnson glanced over.

She informed him of how long it had been since his last appearance, but he continued to walk away despite her efforts.

The Prime Minister’s behavior astounded presenters Campbell and Susanna Reid, prompting Campbell to call him a “coward!”

“1,563 days,” he explained. Look, you’re not supposed to say the term “coward” on this show, but the guy is a coward. He’s also a charlatan.” Reid was taken aback by what her co-host had stated before turning around and asking if she agreed with him.

“Well, I’ll say that it would be wonderful to have him on the show this morning,” she said.

“A kind invitation to you, Prime Minister; I’m sure you’re watching this morning, and we’d love to speak with you.”

The presenters’ comments divided the audience at home, with many believing Campbell was delivering a “biased” opinion.

The Office of Communications, which regulates broadcasting, telecommunications, and postal services in the United Kingdom, has received 66 complaints from viewers who saw this episode.

Many people flocked to Twitter at the moment to voice their displeasure at Campbell’s remarks.

“I admire Alastair Campbell, but his political bias against his prior employers is ludicrous,” Delany Gibson remarked. #gmb.” “I. “Brinkwire Summary News,” Will Conway said as well.


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