‘Give him a break,’ Nick Ferrari vehemently retaliates to Boris Johnson’s holiday criticism.


NICK FERRARI hit out at critics of the Prime Minister on Monday’s episode of This Morning, defending Boris Johnson’s current holiday.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield hosted This Morning on Monday and discussed some of the biggest news stories of the day. The presenting duo welcomed commentators Georgia Toffolo and Nick Ferrari onto the programme to debate some political news. While discussing whether or not the Prime Minister should currently be on holiday, Ferrari came to the politician’s defence.

Toffolo was first to defend Johnson’s break abroad: “I think for me personally, I’d rather have a well-rested Prime Minister who has had a really really tough 18 months.

“We forget, you know, the baby arriving last year, of course, baby Wilf. Carrie is having another one this Christmas.

“Boris was very unwell last year. Also, he lost his mother three weeks ago and I think it might have just been time for a little bit of a reset.

“Also, you know, he’s not in Timbuktu, he’s in Spain for a few nights and I am also certain that every morning he should be receiving his government briefings.

“I don’t think he’s totally off-grid – I hope,” she concluded.

Willoughby turned to Ferrari for his thoughts on the matter, saying: “Nick, people are saying the timing of this is really bad.

“But, I guess when you’re the Prime Minister going through something that we’re all going through together as a country, there’s never a good time really,” she said.

Ferrari made it clear he was coming to the defence of Johnson as he hit out at his critics, exclaiming: “Give the man a break!”

He agreed with Toffolo’s point about the numerous personal struggles Johnson has been through.

Ferrari commented: “Georgia’s absolutely right to list what he’s been through, the loss of his mum, the fact that he had Covid, the crisis and everything else.

“Plus the Manchester conference, which is a full-on affair by the way for a party leader let alone a Prime Minister, endless meetings, speech writing, seeing all his colleagues.

“Do you want a relaxed and rested Prime Minister who’s had a couple of days away with his wife and his child and soon to be of course even bigger family?


“Or do you want him worked to the bone 25 hours a day, eight days a week?” Ferrari questioned.

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