‘Gilmore Girls’: three things that you may have overlooked about Lorelai Gilmore


Gilmore Girls has an unbelievably loyal base of fans. It has been more than a decade since the series’ last episode aired. Nevertheless, fans flock to the series to re-watch Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore’s antics.

Fans seem to love rewatching the series because each new iteration reveals more fun details.

Remember these three Lorelai facts?

While attending a yoga class, Lorelai broke her leg

The accident-prone half of Team Lorelai and Sookie was identified as Sookie St. James, but apparently Lorelai also injured herself.

In the series, viewers just didn’t get to see it as much.

Lorelai fractured her leg before “Gilmore Girls” resumed, and for someone like Lorelai, in the most bizarre way.

Fans of Gilmore Girls still don’t understand Sookie St. James’ story in season 7

Emily saw a photo of Lorelai on crutches in season 1. Lorelai explained that during a yoga lesson, she had broken her leg. She explained that when a handstand went wrong, the injury occurred.

The fast food junkie was vehemently opposed to exercise, so the thought of her taking a yoga class is a little unusual in itself.

After landing in Stars Hollow, Lorelai stayed for several years in a potting shed.

In the middle of Hartford, Connecticut, Lorelai grew up in a spacious mansion.

The house was so huge that without running into any of the other tenants, it would have been possible to go through the whole day.

The house Lorelai shared with Rory was far smaller than the one she grew up in, and much less ostentatious.

But even her tiny house, after moving out of her parents’ home, was an improvement over the one she started in.

‘Gilmore Girls’: How much is the house worth to Richard and Emily Gilmore today?

She was working for Mia, the owner of the Independence Inn, when Lorelai and Rory first landed in Stars Hollow. Mia brought in Lorelai and Rory and offered them a place to stay.

However, the mother-daughter pair did not live at the Inn. Instead, they stayed in a converted tool shed on the Inn’s grounds. It is not clear whether the couple lived in the tool shed until they purchased their house, or whether they rented a larger apartment before buying their home.

Lorelai was to attend Vassar College and decided to do exactly that, obviously.

Richard and Emily’s dream for their only child in the 1980s was not actually to become a teenage mother. That’s how it worked out, though. If she hadn’t gotten pregnant, moved away from home with her child and created her own life in Connecticut 30 minutes away from her own childhood, there was a path she wanted to follow. Lorelai was going to go to college and then she was going to get married

‘Gilmore Girls’: Never was Lorelai Gilmore expected to go to Yale.

Rory ended up attending the alma mater of Richard, but that was not what had been expected for Lorelai.

She revealed in a candid moment that her parents wanted her to attend Vassar College and marry someone who graduated from Yale. Vassar is a college of liberal arts in New York. Lorelai was smart enough to join Yale. Richard once described her in her class as the smartest student. However, why she was not destined for the Ivy League is never stated.


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