‘Gilmore Girls’ is not the first time that the word ‘April Nardini’ has been used by Amy Sherman-Palladino.


If you like Gilmore Girls founder Sherman-Palladino, you will know. In her “Gilmore Girls,” “Bunheads” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” episodes, she used the same actors over and over again.

Actors including Sherilyn Fenn and Alex Borstein have played more than one character in the same series; in an episode of Gilmore season 2, Fenn portrayed Jess’s father’s girlfriend before appearing as Anna Nardini a few seasons later.

Borstein played a harpist as well as with Miss Celine in various episodes of Gilmore Girls – but she also plays Susie in Sherman-Emmy-winning Palladino’s Amazon TV series Mrs. Maisel.

Sherman-Palladino, however, is obviously still reusing names. Before Gilmore, she used the name April Nardini for the character.

[Spoiler Warning for Gilmore Girls Season 6.]]

Vanessa Marano was cast by ‘Gilmore Girls’ as Luke’s daughter April Nardini in season 6.

Luke Danes’ surprise daughter, April, was one of the most divisive characters in “Gilmore Girls”. Many viewers were disappointed when she first appeared in the season 6 episode, The Prodigal Daughter Returns. The arrival of April was seen by some as a clumsy and needless barrier to the relationship between Luke and Lorelai.

Co-host Kevin T. Porter jokingly played “The Imperial March” from Star Wars on the popular comedy podcast Gilmore Guys every time they spoke about April to reflect the hate for the character in the Gilmore fan base.

However, Luke, not April, is blamed by many fans for ruining his friendship with Lorelai – and probably the series. It’s Luke who doesn’t talk about his daughter with Lorelai.

It’s odd that Sherman-Palladino chose that name for Luke’s daughter, however you feel about April Nardini, because she’s used it before.

According to IMDB, in Amy Sherman-1996 Palladino’s Love and Marriage film, actress Patricia Healy played a character called April Nardini.

Actor Tony Denison played Jack Nardini, her husband. The series lasted just two episodes, however. (Five episodes have been written and made, but the first two have only been aired).

The ‘Love and Marriage’ series did not make it past 2 Season 1 episodes

The casting directors of “Gilmore Girls” are “proud” that they had this casting member before they grew up

What was the short-lived TV show Sherman-Palladino in the mid-’90s about? Wikipeda Per:

Jack, who runs a parking garage during the day, and his wife, April, who works at night as a waitress in a restaurant in Manhattan, barely have time for each other or their three children, Michael, Gemmy, and Christopher. Their new neighbours from New Rochelle, New York, are Louis and Trudy and their son Max.

On September 28, 1996, Love and Marriage first aired.

Critics were not very fond of the programme, obviously – presumably why it was cancelled so quickly.

The producer of Gilmore Girls worked on the sitcom Roseanne prior to Love and Marriage. However, Sherman-Palladino said that she was absolutely finished with this style after this 30-minute comedy run.

Sherman-Palladino explained in an interview marking the 15th anniversary of Gilmore Girls at the 2015 ATX Festival that she had “just been through a nightmare job” – which could very possibly have been a reference to Love and Marriage. It was so bad that she decided, “I’m never going to work in television again.”

But Daniel Palladino, her husband and fellow TV creator, told her, “Shhh, just write something you want to write.”

They ended up with the mother-daughter storyline after Sherman-Palladino pitched a few different ideas to The WB – and so Gilmore Girls was born.


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