‘Gilmore Girls’: 3 Completely Random Facts You Probably Forgotten About Stars Hollow Residents


“Gilmore Girls” was about Stars Hollow’s inhabitants as much as it was about Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

Some would argue that what made the show amazing was the supporting characters of the series.

Little tidbits about some of the residents were scattered in the series throughout the seven seasons to make them more dynamic.

Do you remember those three random facts mentioned?

A former lover once threw Babette out of a moving car.

She was happily married to Morey Dell when the Gilmore Girls fans met Babette.

The clearly mismatched pair were extremely pleased with each other and seemed to enjoy the time they spent together. Babette was not, however, always fortunate in love.

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Babette revealed during Rory’s breakup with Dean that she knows what it is like to kiss several frogs before meeting Mr. Right. She announced that a former boyfriend once pushed her out of a moving vehicle.

It was not the only time she got involved with the wrong sort of man, Babette noted.

For an average-sized guy, Taylor Doose has extremely small feet,

Taylor Doose left his boots outside his door at the Dragonfly Inn in the episode “Raincoats and Prescriptions,” expecting them to shine for free.

That didn’t happen, though. Instead, the shoe was stolen and chewed on by one of Michel Gerard’s dogs, making it totally unusable. Michel was told by Lorelai to order a new pair for Taylor, who then disclosed his shoe size.

Taylor told Michel he was close at 6.5.

For a man who tends to be about average height, A 6.5 is a particularly small shoe size.

10.5 is the most common shoe size for men, according to Footwear News. Many brands manufacture men’s shoes from a size up to seven.

Children’s shoes are classified into three classifications: sizes for babies, nursery and elementary school.

Taylor would possibly have worn an infant’s shoe if he were really six and a half in height.

Kirk Gleason came from an extremely large family, but he never saw any of his siblings.

Kirk Gleason was one of Stars Hollow’s strangest residents by far. Still, aside from the thousands of jobs he kept in town, Gilmore Girls fans knew nothing about his life. However, every now and then, Kirk would give a peek into his upbringing to fans.

Kirk was, as it turned out, anything but an only child. He had 12 sisters and daughters.

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Most of them left Stars Hollow while the Gleason family was oversized.

Fans discovered that Kirk’s girlfriend Lulu dated his brother briefly, but he was never listed again. No one was ever seen in the series pretending to be Kirk’s sibling.


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