Gethin Jones, the host of Morning Live, discusses loneliness, saying, “There was no real communication with anyone.”


Gethin Jones, the host of Morning Live, discusses loneliness.

GETHIN JONES has spoken out about his struggles during the coronavirus pandemic as a result of living alone, revealing that he had “no real communication with anyone.”

Morning Live host Gethin Jones, 43, has admitted that living alone in Manchester during the coronavirus outbreak was difficult for him. In an exclusive interview with This website, the BBC star described the city as “like a ghost town” and said he struggled with “no real communication with anyone” at the time.

Fortunately, the host kept himself occupied by studying for his Masters in Sport Directorship (MSD) in his spare time.

“It was hard, wasn’t it?” Gethin revealed.

“However, I was extremely fortunate in that I am pursuing a Master’s degree.”

“It was strange because I was like an A student because I had so much time to read and do my work.”

However, after catching Covid himself, Gethin was forced to drop out of some of his TV work commitments.

In July 2020, the Welsh TV personality was a contestant on Celebrity MasterChef before being forced to exit the show during the semi-finals.

“At the time, I was doing some work like Celebrity MasterChef, and then I got Covid myself and had to pull out, but the Masters sort of kept me going,” Gethin explained.

“However, it was difficult because I was living in Manchester city centre, which was like a ghost town with no real communication.”

“It was a strange era.”

Despite the difficult circumstances, The One Show host was able to keep his troubles in perspective during lockdown because his sister was working on the front lines for the NHS during the pandemic.

“How could I complain?” he added, referring to his sister’s work for the NHS in Cardiff.

“In some ways, she inspired and boosted me because I was more concerned about her than I was about what was going on with me.”

Gethin’s plans were recently turned upside down by Covid after he tested positive for the virus last month.

Because of his test results, the presenter was not on BBC One’s Morning Live.

Rav Wilding and other temporary hosts, such as, were brought in to take his place.

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