Gethin Jones: After a series of “terrible break-ins,” the Morning Live host developed a fear of the dark.


Gethin Jones: After a series of “terrible break-ins,” the Morning Live host developed a fear of the dark.

During an appearance on Oti Mabuse’s The Rhythm Of Life podcast, GETHIN JONES revealed that he developed a phobia of the dark as a result of some “terrible break-ins.”

Gethin Jones, 43, of the BBC’s Morning Live, admits to having a dread of the dark as a result of “a couple of severe break-ins.”

The Masked Dancer judge, 31, asked the host if there was anything he couldn’t do when filming Blue Peter, the BBC’s premier children’s show.

“All the time,” Gethin explained. But I believe that’s when things changed. It became a little frightening as I continued to push myself over my boundaries.

“And you didn’t know where your limit was at the time.

“They felt it would be a good idea to throw me in the London Dungeon for 24 hours since I was afraid of the dark. But they didn’t say anything about there being live actors, did they?

“That was a nightmare.”

“I’m not convinced they’d be any useful scientifically,” he continued. Every time I turn off the lights, I’m going to s*** myself for the rest of my life.”

“You were still afraid of the dark?” Oti asked, laughing.

“I had a couple of horrible break-ins back in the day and it always sort of damaged me,” the former Blue Peter anchor continued. Now I’m not so bad.”

After Gethin admitted to “strange” tendencies throughout the talk, Oti was left with “no words.”

“I used to have to wash my feet before going to bed as well,” he informed the podcast host.

“Did I give you too much information?”

“Doesn’t that seem strange? I couldn’t sleep until I had bathed my feet. “It’s really strange,” Gethin added.

“Actually, I’m not sure when it stopped.”

Oti was in tears after hearing the truth.

But he said, “I’m a little strange.” When I was a kid, I used to suck my hands so hard.

“I don’t know whether you’ve ever noticed, but my finger is a little bent? That’s the one.

“That’s because I used to put my entire hand in, which is why I needed braces.

“How come I’m still single?” Gethin made a remark.

“I have no words,” Oti laughed.

Gethin had to cancel his appearance on Morning Live earlier this month after his neighborhood was ordered to undergo surge Covid testing.

Instead, he appeared on the broadcast via video link, with Rav Wilding filling in for him on the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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