‘Get these b******s out,’ says the narrator. Alastair Campbell had a social media meltdown when it comes to ‘lying.’ Boris


‘Get these b******s out,’ says the narrator. Alastair Campbell had a social media meltdown when it comes to ‘lying.’ Boris

ALASTAIR CAMPBELL has resorted to social media to express his dissatisfaction with the current condition of government, describing Boris Johnson as the “worst” prime minister in British history.

Alastair Campbell, a guest presenter on Good Morning Britain, took to Twitter today to criticize the Conservative administration and its politicians, particularly leader Boris Johnson. The former Labour MP was vehement in his criticism of the government’s handling of Brexit, accusing the public of accepting the result before stating that the Prime Minister and his party must resign.

A country with self-respect would go to any length to expel these scumbags.

Campbell, Alastair

The ITV guest newsreader, who has 711,600 Twitter followers, blasted out the public for allegedly putting their heads in the sand while the government delivered Brexit.

“A right-wing conspiracy of liars, thieves, and charlatans delivered Brexit and delivered the worst Prime Minister in our history,” Alastair wrote.

“And this despondent, dumbed-down nation shrugs shoulders and murmurs, ‘is what it is…’

The strategist concluded the tweet by saying, “A country with self-respect would do whatever it takes to get these b******s out.”

Many of the GMB host’s fans expressed their opinions on the current situation in the comments section, with many agreeing with him.

“I really can’t understand the polls,” one person wrote. It’s hard to watch them because they’re so inept.”

“I dislike the folks… but here’s the thing,” another added. An election was held. A record number of people voted for those individuals to lead the country.”

A third agreed with them and asked the former Labour MP what could be done.

“It feels hopeless – what can we do until the next election?” they wondered.

When others mentioned Keir Starmer’s party as a possible solution, some social media users were skeptical and wondered where the Labour Party was.

“However, where has the Labour Party gone?” “What opposition?” wrote one, as did another.

The former Labour MP shared his thoughts on how Brexit has progressed so far this year via Twitter this morning.

“Brexit 2021: Cummings confesses campaign won on lies, campaign leader ineffective, and doubts Brexit is a good idea,” Alastair wrote.

He said, “Patel, who promised stricter borders post-Brexit failing, on migrants, and the Johnson Variant granted VIP lane.”

“Frost was forced to beg for a renegotiation of his ‘great deal.’”

“[T]o avert unrest and food shortages.”Brinkwire Summary News,” he wrote in a subsequent tweet.


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