‘Get rid of them completely!’ A gardening expert offers a tip for getting rid of perennial weeds.


‘Get rid of them completely!’ A gardening expert offers a tip for getting rid of perennial weeds.

When it comes to perennial weeds, a GARDENING expert has explained what you should “never” do. The gardening specialist also provided some tips for getting rid of perennial weeds.

Weed removal and control in the garden can be a difficult undertaking. Some gardeners advocate the use of certain weed killers, while others advocate for more natural alternatives. There are a lot of recommendations out there, but it’s crucial to keep them under control because they can steal nutrients from your favorite plants.

A horticulture expert gave some advice for removing perennial plants and what you should “never” do while disposing of them in a YouTube video for Homebaseuk.

The previous Head Gardener at Holland Park demonstrated some of the techniques in the film, which was released in April 2012.

“Weeds are something that every gardener in the globe has to deal with,” the narrator stated.

“They compete with crops for light, water, and nutrients, and they can also serve as a breeding ground for pests.

“Holland Park’s head gardener Stella Fear will show us how to keep those pesky plants under control.

“A fork, a hoe, a trowel, weed membrane, chipped bark, and weed killer are required for step one.”

The next stage is to physically remove them, often known as “physical control.”

Stella demonstrated how she eradicated the weeds with a pitchfork in the video.

She inserted the fork into the earth near the weed and pressed it down with her foot.

The gardening expert then used the handle to swing the fork upwards, pulling the weeds along with it.

The vegetation, which resembled a thistle, emerged from the ground.

Stella then raised the plant to reveal its roots.

“Perennial weeds are those that live from year to year and usually have pretty large roots,” the narrator added.

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“Nettles, brambles, and thistles are examples.

“Weed control begins in the winter, before the first crops are planted.

“Cut any woody perennials down and dig up their roots as thoroughly as you can.

“Burn the plants or remove them completely from the spot; never compost them.”

Perennial weeds are plants that exist for several years and can even survive the winter.

Food is stored in their roots, which can spread out across a large area beneath.

Most perennial weeds have deep tap roots that must be entirely eradicated or the plant will regrow.


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