‘Get a life!’ says the narrator. In the wake of the ‘insane’ woke accusation that Paw Patrol favors cops, Hartley-Brewer reacts.


‘Get a life!’ says the narrator. In the wake of the ‘insane’ woke accusation that Paw Patrol favors cops, Hartley-Brewer reacts.

JULIA HARTLEY-BREWER was enraged when she spoke out on This Morning about the recent calls to cancel the children’s TV show Paw Patrol.

Paw Patrol, a children’s television show that has been on the air since 2013, has come under fire for “indoctrinating children into a pro-police viewpoint.” Children all around the country enjoy the police dogs, but there have been calls for the show to be pulled off the air because it is “propaganda.” Julia stated on This Morning that she did not agree with the requests to stop the show, calling them “crazy.”

Paw Patrol has caused debate on social media, with many criticizing lead police canine Chase for being more brave than his dog buddies.

Marshall, a firefighter dalmatian, Rubble, a construction worker bulldog, Rocky, a recycling truck driver mongrel, and Zuma, a labrador who rides around on a hovercraft, are among Chase’s companions.

On This Morning, Rochelle remarked, “Are we taking this too far Julia?” in response to calls for it to be cancelled. This appears to be insane to me.”

“Totally, my youngest is 14 years old, so Paw Patrol has passed us by; happily, I am over the cartoon years,” Julia responded.

“In all honesty, I believe that individuals who have time to care about cartoons have far too much time on their hands.

“I think they need to get some help, they need to get a life, they need to develop a hobby, go collect stamps or whatever you have to do, but they need to stay away from children’s cartoons.”

“I believe it’s completely insane. Why shouldn’t we emphasize the importance of the emergency services, particularly the police, to our children?

“Why should we not want to be good about the police as a nation, as a society?”

“Good community police connections, police in our country by consent, are an absolutely vital aspect of our relationship with the state,” says the author.

“These things should be promoted and discussed with our children, but here’s a crazy idea: how about we just let the kids be kids and watch a humorous dog show?”

“Please, please,” Rochelle pleaded as she carried the subject forward.

Matthew Wright, a fellow guest, agreed, exclaiming, “It’s a kids program.” It’s entertaining, and I enjoy it. Every day, I watch it.”

“It’s saved me a lot of hours in babysitting,” Rochelle added.

On Twitter, viewers were quick to express their thoughts on the debate, with one complaining: “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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