George Clarke alters the couple’s project with a “slight re-jig” – “put a spanner in the works!”


George Clarke alters the couple’s project with a “slight re-jig” – “put a spanner in the works!”

This week on GEORGE CLARKE’S Remarkable Renovations, Laura and Adrian were transforming a coach house into a family home and an annexe. George shared a “simple” design hack with the couple throughout the program.

Laura and Adrian were renovating a 19th-century coach house into a family home for themselves and their two sons, ages four and six, when George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations visited Kingsbury near Tamworth in Staffordshire this week. The couple fell in love with the structure and paid £285,000. The hidden gem of a structure comprised a barn that they demolished and rebuilt, as well as an acre of land.

Sweethearts from childhood Adrian and Laura used their life savings to purchase the home, while Adrian’s parents donated their retirement funds towards the ambitious project, which included a living annexe for them.

The couple had planned to spend £350,000 on the project, but they ended up spending roughly £100,000 extra.

The entire family lived in caravans for the duration of the project, which lasted three years. Adrian did some of the work himself.

Before the couple began construction, Architect George reviewed the blueprints.

He suggested the couple make a minor alteration after looking over the plans.

George added, “I think it could use a small re-jig.”

“I don’t want to throw a wrench in the works because you’re going to start building it soon, but I think you should think about your kitchen/diner a little more.

“It’s going to be really busy right away if you come through here.

“Then you have to get through all of that commotion to get to the seating area.

“So, I was simply curious if your kitchen is on this side?

“If you put the kitchen down here, you can use all of this as living space.

“Friends, family, kids – it just feels a little bit calmer when you walk in through here, and there are sofas and chairs and everything, and the busy-ness of the kitchen is kept in the back.

“It may appear to be a minor modification, but it drastically transforms the way the house feels, at least in that area.”

The pair stated that they had never considered it previously and that they would make the necessary changes.

When George had a look at the completed project, he expressed his gratitude to the couple for following his recommendations.

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