‘General Hospital: Julian Jerome had just been killed, but more than a year earlier, William DeVry felt the exit coming.’


Julian Jerome of the General Hospital has finally seen his last day.

Although the role has now been dropped from the show, for some time, actor William deVry genuinely thought that his departure was imminent.

William deVry in ‘General Hospital’ as Julian Jerome

In 2013, DeVry started to play Julian. It was interesting that he joined ‘General Hospital’ as he is a veteran of soap opera and had numerous appearances in the daytime soap before.

The actor played Michael Cambias in ‘All My Children’ prior to ‘General Hospital’. He appeared from 2003 to 2004 in the series. From 2006 to 2008 and again briefly in 2012, DeVry also played Storm Logan in The Bold and the Beautiful.

In 1988, Julian was first introduced to the General Hospital. Initially, he was played by Jason Culp, who held the role until 1990. No one ever played the character again before deVry reintroduced him. Julian is the son of Victor Jerome, the crime lord, and is the brother of Evan Jerome and Olivia St. John. During the Jason Culp age, Julian and Olivia struggled for control of the family’s crime syndicate.

The new Julian, played by DeVry, was part of the series that brought the Jeromes back, as the younger half-sister of the character, Ava Jerome, had already been added. Originally, under the pseudonym Derek Wells, Julian came to town.

It became obvious as time went on that he was Julian.

As cousins, the two have a love-hate relationship. Julian is also Sonny Corinthos’ competitor, with whom Ava has been involved for a while. Most of Julian’s romances with Olivia Falconeri have been with Alexis Davis since DeVry’s departure. Julian and Olivia have a son, Leo Falconeri, and Alexis’ daughter, Sam Morgan, is the biological father.

William deVry speaks as Julian Jerome about his departure.

DeVry spoke about all topics related to his departure from the series in a new interview with the Toronto Sun.

“He “personally thought” his departure in September 2019, according to the star.

“I didn’t really see a big investment in the character,” he said, referring to the romantic pairings of the character going nowhere and the inability of the show to address Julexisis, the favorite fan couple (Julian and Alexis). I just thought at that point that I had to brace myself not to be re-signed. I still told Frank [Valentini] not to put me on the spot until they realized I was going to be gone.

And he let me know to his credit. It’s likely it wasn’t so much myself. It might have had something to do with the expenditures of COVID-19. Or it might have had something to do with the story.

They just wanted to say a different story, and for that story, I was the conduit. I’ll never really know.

Fans of the soap opera mean a lot to William deVry

DeVry also spoke about the viewers of the show, saying he has developed a wide following among the fans of the soap opera. The show’s viewers especially enjoy his presence on social media.

“I think the fan base appreciates that I really care,”I believe the fan base appreciates that I really care. From a pure fan viewpoint, I feel their frustration, watch the show and comment on it like they might. I think half the time they feel like they’re not being noticed.

And I think I’m telling them that I understand them. I try to use my platform as I see it to say the truth. I’m not spreading stories of conspiracy. I’m one of them.’

He says at the end of the day that this is not the end for him and the fans of the show. I think the fans even know whether you’re giving it all or not.

And that’s what I have always done,” he said. I didn’t skimp on the effort, whether I nailed a scene or not. I’ll miss them all, but it’s not goodbye.

They’re going to see me at other shows and other causes. I love all of them.

General Hospital airs on ABC on weekdays.


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