‘General Hospital’: Haley Pullos could be linked to Molly Lansing in a fascinating way.


While she is a relatively young actress, Haley Pullos is a 10-year-old veteran of General Hospital, a long-running daytime soap opera.

On the ABC television series, she has played the main character Molly Lansing for years. There are several comparisons between Pullos and her character, and in a new interview, she spoke about one in particular.

Haley Pullos in ‘General Hospital’ as Molly Lansing.

Since 2009, Pullos has embodied Molly.

A daughter of Alexis Davis and Ric Lansing, she belongs to the families of Corinth and Cassadine.

The character has two half-sisters, Kristina Davis and Sam McCall, who, by Alexis, are also her older brothers.

Most of her storylines were intertwined with those of her Kristina, as well as her cousins Michael and Morgan Corinthos (who also happen to be Kristina’s brothers) during Molly’s initial rapid ageing in the series, with Pullos taking over the role. However, this takes a turn in her later years and she starts dating her close friend, T.J.

With Ashford. Once a contract cast member, Pullos was, but in recent years he has been on and off.

‘General Hospital’ star Lisa LoCicero notes that her character “One Life to Live” was voted the “worst written role” on soaps.

In addition to her work at General Hospital, Pullos has also starred in the Instant Mom Nick-at-Nite movie. She also starred in TV movies such as From Straight A’s to XXX and A Royal Christmas Ball, and in TV series such as Scorpion and The Mick, she made guest appearances. She had a recurring part in Ashley Garcia’s Netflix series The Expanding Universe in 2020.

The fun fact that ties Haley Pullos to her character on screen in real life

Pullos explained in a recent interview with Soaps in Detail how she responds to a certain portion of Molly in real life. Pullos also, like Molly, has older siblings.

“I’m also the baby in my family,”I’m also the baby in my family. I have four kids, two brothers and two sisters. I’m from the [San Francisco] Bay Area, originally, and my parents have moved out with me, but all my siblings have stayed up north.

And now I am the only one who has remained in this position!

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She is the only one now living in Los Angeles since her parents wanted to leave the city when she grew up.

For the actress, this is something that is exciting and has helped her to learn more about herself.

I was so happy to be on my own… but not because my family made me sick,”I was really excited to be on my own…. but not because I was sick of my family,” “I just knew it was what I needed. Honestly, I found myself completely as a person living on my own.”

Fans have enjoyed Pullo’s depiction of Molly, and it undoubtedly helps her to interact even more with fans of the show because of her similarity to the character.

General Hospital airs on ABC on weekdays.


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