GB News viewers are outraged after the host criticizes Pen Farthing’s evacuation.


GB News viewers are outraged after the host criticizes Pen Farthing’s evacuation.

On Monday, fans on GB NEWS were outraged when host Tom Harwood condemned Pen Farthing’s departure from Afghanistan with nearly 200 animals and dogs while human civilians were left behind.

On GB News, Tom Harwood hosted the DePiero and Halligan show, with Farthing’s return to the UK on the subject. Last week, the founder of animal rescue organization Nowzad made headlines when he refused to leave Afghanistan without around 200 stray cats and dogs, as well as the workers who had assisted in their care. Farthing and his animals arrived at Heathrow Airport on Sunday morning without the personnel he had hoped to bring with him, but this was a Norwegian flight organised under Operation Ark. The charity’s founder had flown to Oslo before returning to the UK, and his wife had been evacuated to Norway on a Norwegian flight the week before. Harwood spoke about how he believes human life should have been prioritized, but viewers at home were not pleased with the comments and resorted to social media to express their displeasure.

“Of course you would go to the ends of the world for your pets,” Harwood said of the evacuation procedure, “but I think there is normally a hierarchy in terms of how we should approach the sanctity of life.”

“I believe humans are at the top of the food chain. Some of the remarks I’ve read on social media have made me sick to my stomach.

“About how Afghans should be left in the hands of the Taliban, who are vicious Islamist terrorists, and we should load planes with cats and dogs.

“I think the priorities have been so off that it does not look good for global Britain to have permitted a plane moving cats and dogs out of an airport at a time when humans were clutching onto airplane landing gears.

“In their desperate attempts to flee, they were plunging hundreds of meters to their deaths, and we’re going with pets.”

He concluded, “I don’t think it’s edifying,” and viewers flocked to Twitter to express their displeasure with the presenter’s views.

“Typical of GB News to ratchet up this problem into a divisive.”Brinkwire Summary News,” one user remarked on the social media platform.


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