Gary Lineker discusses his new culinary abilities and why he will not be competing on MasterChef.


Gary Lineker discusses his new culinary abilities and why he will not be competing on MasterChef.

It’s tough to envision Gary Lineker, one of the most well-known faces on television, dining alone in a restaurant night after night. However, it appears that this is exactly what happened when the football analyst became single. So he did what any modern man would do in such a situation: he learned to cook.

Though, according to him, we shouldn’t expect to see the father-of-four on Celebrity MasterChef anytime soon. “When I was single again, I started cooking,” says the TV host, who divorced second wife Danielle Bux in 2016. “I was tired of sitting alone at restaurants or ordering takeout, so I decided to learn to cook.

“It now appeals to me. I’m willing to do anything, whether it’s Indian, Chinese, Italian, or English. I’ve also studied it, both online and in books. I’ve put in a lot of effort, and it’s turned into a true passion for me.” Gary explains that while he’s tried his hand at a number of things, including hosting a quiz show with the upcoming ITV show Sitting On A Fortune later this year, a career as a celebrity chef isn’t something he’s interested in.

He says, “No.” “I’ve been approached about writing cookbooks and hosting cooking shows on television, but I’d feel like a fraud. It’d be like someone who started playing football later in life and feels he’s good, but only when compared to Michelin-starred players. No. I have no desire to work as a television chef!” Gary is making the most of his single life, describing himself as “glad and comfortable” and chuckling, “I’m not on the lookout, like some freak!” Gary says that despite everything he’s accomplished, including a reputation as a friendly ex, there are some things he’s “truly, really cr*p at,” however he explains that what he does have in spades is the capacity to cope under pressure.

“I’m not nervous,” the star says. “Okay, I get nervous when I watch Leicester City or England play, but when I’m on TV or when I used to play football, I don’t get nervous. No.

“I genuinely enjoyed it. The huge moment fascinates me. We’re all different, but mental toughness has always been one of my strongest assets. I’m used to working under duress.” That clarifies a lot. Gary scored 48 goals in his career, making him one of England’s all-time top scorers. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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