Gardening: ‘Use natural solutions’ to prevent slugs from harming flower beds and crops.


Gardening: ‘Use natural solutions’ to prevent slugs from harming flower beds and crops.

Slugs, for example, can wreak havoc in the garden by eating holes in leaves, stems, flowers, and bulbs. Natural cures have been recommended by experts to assist Britons get rid of them.

Pests can be an issue at any time of year, but they are more of a bother in the summer when they are more attracted to dwellings. Slugs and snails can be useful to the environment outside of the garden, which is why gardeners are encouraged to use natural solutions to get rid of them.

Gardening Professionals

This website has provided natural methods for removing pests from your house and yard, including slugs.

“Pests enter our houses for a variety of reasons, including smelling food, finding a crevice, or seeking warmth,” according to a spokeswoman.

“Having food readily available will attract bugs in droves, so clean up any crumbs around the house and put open meals in containers or tightly sealed jars.

“While only a few pests are hazardous, they can be quite bothersome.

“To stop them bothering you while you’re relaxing or upsetting your dinner plans, Britons are being advised to utilize natural methods to get rid of them.”

Slugs are a problem all year, but especially in the summer when crops and flowers are in blossom.

Experts advise using a variety of different approaches to get rid of them.

“These slimy parasites are not only a nuisance, but they also leave awful shining track marks on surfaces where they have been,” they explained.

Experts say that slugs can be killed instantaneously by sprinkling sea salt on them or laying it around where they have been.

“Sticky backed copper can also be purchased and applied around the bases of flower pots to protect flowers and plants,” they added.

“They naturally carry a little electrical charge, and if a slug comes into contact with it, they won’t want to cross it.”

Slugs in the home are also a major issue that can result in food being devoured.

“If slugs in the house are a problem, lay bark or gravel near to their entry to make the ground undesirable to them,” the experts advised.

“It’s also worth thinking about acquiring a bird table for the garden.

“The moisture will attract slugs, and the birds will appreciate their delectable treat.”

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