Gardening: The Rich brothers’ advice on bringing nature indoors, including the phrase “shower with your plant!”


Gardening: The Rich brothers’ advice on bringing nature indoors, including the phrase “shower with your plant!”

The heroes of BBC’s Garden Rescue, Harry and David Rich, utilize their exceptional gardening abilities to alter the outdoor environments of Britons. They spoke to This Website on how city dwellers might spend more time in nature.

Harry and David Rich grew up in Aberhonddu, also known as Brecon, in south Wales. The brothers and landscaping specialists are now based just outside the rural settlement, where they appreciate being near to the Welsh countryside’s beauty and fauna. Even if you live in a tiny flat in the city, the brothers presented strategies for everyone to spend more time in – or with – nature.

Harry and David have teamed up with Google Pixel for the Behind the Lens campaign, which is a set of experiences aimed at helping individuals rediscover their cities and the areas they’ve missed the most, based on the hobbies they’ve embraced while in lockdown.

According to Google Pixel, gardening became a new hobby for many Britons during the lockdown.

Despite the fact that they are no longer confined to their homes, Harry and David want to encourage people to keep their fingers green, even if they do not have access to a garden.

Flowers and plants may be found even in cities, according to the couple. “I think with cities, there are so many options,” Harry told this publication. These days, there are also plant-filled outdoor patios in cafés.

“There are some street trees that bloom at specific times of the year. There are many magnolias, or wattle trees, in London.

“Even with that, someone can connect the dots and figure out what the flower is before planting it in their garden.”

If you don’t have access to a garden, David suggests bringing nature inside.

“If you have a sunny window, you may bring salad leaves and herbs inside,” he remarked. It’s all about making the most of the space you have.”

“There are also many of things you can plant in the shade,” David continued.

“Some of the leafier herbs, such as parsley and basil, will flourish in the shade.”

Investing in houseplants was also advocated by the brothers.

“I believe [houseplants]are a fantastic way for people to be able to bring a bit of greenery, but also a bit of ambience to a room,” Harry remarked. It softens the atmosphere.

“You can generate a microclimate by arranging indoor plants together.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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