Gardening experts give a natural ‘quick kill’ method for weeds, but caution that some are ‘resistant.’


Gardening experts give a natural ‘quick kill’ method for weeds, but caution that some are ‘resistant.’

GARDENING experts have revealed a “quick approach” to get rid of unwanted weeds in your yard. Experts have warned, however, that some weeds are “more resistant” to the approach than others.

Using chemicals to control weeds in your garden has the potential to harm the environment. Natural approaches are always preferred, but what are your options? While many experts propose using common home products like salt, white vinegar, and dishwashing solutions, others advise “flame weeding” or “flaming.”

It may sound intimidating, but flame weeding, or the use of heat to destroy weeds, is a terrific way to get rid of those troublesome plants without harming the environment.

However, in order for this to be effective, the necessary equipment must be used.

Flame weeding is when you hold a flame over a weed for a few seconds, destroying just enough of the plant’s tissues to kill it.

You don’t burn the weed; instead, you destroy its plant tissue, causing it to die.

The plants will begin to droop and eventually die as a result of the natural weed killer.

The strategy works effectively in “certain conditions,” according to Kate Garland, a horticultural specialist at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

“It works pretty well in some situations,” she told the Bangor Daily News.

“It works particularly well on young [weed]seedlings, [on]gravel driveways or sidewalks that are free of flammable organic debris.”

However, other weeds, such as perennials, are more resistant to the approach since their roots would likely sprout in the soil.

Perennial weeds may require multiple treatments, but if you are diligent, they will eventually die.

It “kills the cell on the above ground area of your weeds,” according to Sonja Birthisel, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Maine.

“Some species are more resistant to heat death than others,” she continued.

“If you have persistent weeds, you may require a little greater propane dose or repeat the process.”

However, one of the most advantageous characteristics of adopting the burning method is its efficiency and speed.

“It may be pretty quick,” Ms Garland explained.

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“It is a rapid means of weeding if you have a cropping system with small seedlings and you can catch them early and do it frequently.”

The procedure is effective. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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