Gardening expert shares how to get rid of ‘unsightly’ lawn weeds by making it “harder for them to grow.”


Gardening pro shares how to get rid of ‘unsightly’ lawn weeds by making it ‘harder for them to grow.’

WEEDS, especially on the lawn, can be a real pain.

Getting rid of garden weeds in the winter months, on the other hand, can help the garden get ready for full growth in the early spring.

In the winter, the garden goes dormant, which means growth is much slower than in the summer.

This means that weeds resistant to weed killers can infest areas such as the lawn.

In the colder months, one expert has shared tips on how to get rid of common weeds.

“Common garden weeds grow in the gaps or cracks in drives, patios, and paths, as well as on gravelled areas,” Greensleeves MD David Truby explained.

“However, weeds, or broad-leaved weeds as they are sometimes called, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can make your garden look unsightly.

“They produce flowers and seed heads at different times of the year, wreaking havoc on a lush, well-kept lawn’s uniform green.”

It’s difficult to tell what’s a weed, especially on grass.

According to the expert, lawn weed can be identified by patchy grass with uneven colors.

Another sign, according to David, is if you notice flowers that aren’t supposed to be there in the lawn.

“If you cut your grass too short, you may not notice them,” he said, “but if you’re not sure, skip mowing the grass once or twice and see if there are any flowers.”

“Weeds can enter your garden from a variety of sources, including birds, cats, dogs, and other roaming mammals, as well as people carrying them on their clothing or footwear.”

“If a seed is left unchecked, it will quickly develop into a full-blown weed, so weeds should be removed as soon as they are visible.”

How can you get rid of weeds before they get out of hand?

The best time to treat weeds, according to the expert, is when they are actively growing.

“Hand weeding can be a difficult task, and in some cases, such as dandelions, it can actually make the weed problem worse,” David explained.

“At Greensleeves, we use an exclusive herbicide with multiple active ingredients that kills a wide variety of lawn weeds.

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