Gardening: A gardening expert explains why you should ‘pull weeds’ every day in your garden.


Gardening: A gardening expert explains why you should ‘pull weeds’ every day in your garden.

GARDENING HAS MANY PHYSICAL AND MENTAL BENEFITS FOR A PERSON’S WELL-BEING. An expert explains why weeding benefits not just your garden but also your health.

People who garden on a daily basis have increased wellbeing and reduced stress levels than those who do not garden at all, according to research from the Royal Horticultural Society.

Gardening is good for your physical and mental health, and it’s especially good for people who have anxiety or despair.

An expert from Delamere Health Manchester highlighted why, if they haven’t already, Britons should start gardening this summer.

“Gardening is beneficial to your emotional and physical health.

He continued, “In these uncertain times, spending time outside lets you escape from day-to-day worries, and the fresh air and greenery give the perfect environment to decompress and relax.”

The expert disclosed several previously unknown gardening benefits, including a happier life.

“Experiencing nature can assist to alleviate feelings of anger, fear, and tension while also increasing happiness.”

The most useful activities, according to him, are ranking, weeding, and trimming. These exercises will work a variety of muscle groups, boosting your overall fitness.

In fact, 30 or 45 minutes in the garden can burn up to 300 calories.

“Many gardeners go into the garden as a type of physical exercise,” he continued.

“Activities like raking leaves, pulling weeds, and trimming plants can help to increase overall fitness levels.

“An underappreciated benefit of gardening is that it can help lower blood pressure.

“Excess stress hormones can lead to sleep problems, lowered immunity, high blood pressure, and other issues. He explained that the garden provides a relaxing environment that has been known to reduce stress levels.

Gardening, for example, is a creative hobby that soothes the mind and brain, lowering anxiety, depression, and stress while also improving general mental and physical health.

It’s also a good technique to increase memory and cognitive functions while reducing dementia symptoms.

People can gain a sense of purpose by designing a garden, planting seeds, and seeing plants flourish.

Responsibility gives people a sense of purpose while also boosting their self-esteem and worth.

Working in the garden lowers cortisol levels, a stress hormone produced by the body. Being in nature can also help to alleviate feelings of rage, fear, and stress, as well as increase happiness.


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