Gardeners’ World lists ten plants from which you can preserve seed and grow new plants for free.


Gardeners’ World lists ten plants from which you can preserve seed and grow new plants for free.

GARDENERS’ WORLD has given a list of ten garden plants from which you may preserve seed and sow later to save money and “get fresh plants for free.”

Getting “new plants for free” by collecting seeds from your existing plants is a terrific method to save money. Gardeners’ World has provided a list of ten plants from which you can check and store seed. You’ll need to keep an eye on your plants to see when they’re ready to harvest.

Gardeners’ World suggests harvesting seeds on a dry day when the seeds aren’t wet.

When the seeds are ripe, use scissors, old envelopes, or paper bags to package them; avoid using plastic because it can cause dampness.

Before storing the seeds, they must be totally dry.

Make sure the plant name and collecting date are written on the envelopes and paper bags.

With delicate red/purple and white flowers, this is a lovely shrub.

The seed pods turn brown and begin to unfold from June to August.

Aquilegia seeds can be sown now, but they can also be saved until the spring.

Make sure you utilize them within a year after receiving them.

The crowns of this gorgeous perennial plant are a brilliant purple-pink color.

The seeds will begin to fall onto the bracts below between August and September.

Sow the seeds as soon as possible because they require exposure to the cold.

You can, however, use them in the spring.

In any yard, these tiny white blossoms would look lovely.

When rubbed, the seeds turn black and loosen from the cluster around September and October.

The seeds can be planted in the spring, but they will only endure two to three years.

The pods of these beautiful yellow blossoms burst out in July, revealing black and gleaming seeds.

Sow the seeds in the spring and only keep them for a year.

These seeds are available from July to August, when the seed shells are papery and the seeds are black.

Sow them between March and April and use them within a few years.

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This is a lovely shrub with a delicate white blossom that will stay all winter.

From July to September, the seeds will start to turn brown and must be sown right immediately or they will lose their viability.

The seeds will begin to turn brown in August and September before shriveling.

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